10 Reasons why sustainable fashion matters

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world? There are several ways in which the garment manufacturing and consumption cycle harm the environment, from rainforest destruction to overuse of water and massive pollution. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that the clothing business is an environmental polluter that harms the health of its workers and the general public. But don't worry as there is good news - it's called sustainable fashion. If you are wondering why it matters, continue reading as we've prepared ten compelling reasons that show how important sustainable fashion is.

Sustainable fashion and reasons why it matters

Sustainable fashion is a term used to describe clothing designed, manufactured, distributed, and worn to minimize environmental impact. On the other hand, ethical fashion refers to clothing manufactured with consideration for the well-being of society and the rights of the workers who create it. Combining sustainable and ethical fashion with smarter consumption, longer-lasting, high-quality apparel, and active recycling business is the future of the fashion industry.

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Caption: The good news is that more and more companies are becoming aware of the growing problems and, as a result, are changing and becoming more sustainable.

This isn't something that any one company, government, or country should aim for. It's something everyone should work toward, so it becomes an industry standard one day. The good news is that more and more fashion companies are changing their ways and becoming greener every day. Nowadays, you can even make sure you get all of your upcycled and organic clothes from your favorite carbon-neutral marketplace. How amazing is that? But let's cut to the chase and find out why sustainable fashion matters.

#1 It saves natural resources

A 2015 survey found that only 3% of the materials used to make clothing are recycled. A yearly resource intake of 98 million tons includes oil to make synthetic fibers, fertilizer to grow cotton, and an unending number of chemicals required to color and finish fabric. Because recycled fibers lessen the demand for virgin resources and address the growing waste management issue, they are a more sustainable solution.

#2 It lowers your environmental footprint

Most of our favorite clothes, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon, are created using petroleum-based materials. A lot more energy is needed to make these materials. So it's no wonder the worldwide fashion business contributes enormously and actively to global warming by emitting a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases each year.

On the other hand, sustainable manufacturers use natural or recycled fabrics. They require little to no chemical treatment, little water, less energy, and no fertilizers or pesticides to grow. There are many organic fabrics like linen, hemp, and organic cotton. These eco-friendly fabrics are an excellent alternative to conventional textiles and could be a great addition to your sustainable lifestyle.

#3 It's healthier for people and our planet

Before they make it to the racks, fast fashion garments undergo a rigorous and time-consuming chemical process. Dyeing, bleaching, and wet processing clothes require using about 8,000 different synthetic chemicals. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, including the chemicals in our clothing. And some of these chemicals pose a genuine threat to our health.

#4 Sustainable fashion helps save water

One of the biggest reasons why sustainable fashion matters is that it helps save water. The regular clothing manufacturing process comes with extensive water usage and water pollution. On the other hand, eco-friendly clothing companies use a "water budget" to control how much water they use during manufacturing. And the best part is that natural, renewable, or recycled materials like linen, hemp, and organic cotton require little to no water.

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Caption: Sustainable fashion companies use natural materials from renewable sources.


#5 It comes with less textile waste

Every second, a garbage truck full of textile waste is dumped somewhere in the world. Most of this waste comes from fast fashion companies. More often than not, they cut corners on quality to keep costs low and attract more customers. On the other hand, sustainable brands focus on quality and using long-lasting materials. They also tend to design timeless pieces you won't feel compelled to replace after one season.

However, even the highest quality clothing items require good maintenance to last long. For instance, if you plan on storing winter clothes in summer, ensure you properly wash and pack everything before moving it to storage. Your clothes will be safe during the heat and wait for you in perfect condition.

#6 It supports better, fairer, and safer working conditions

The harsh reality is that modern-day slavery does exist. Most garment workers work for minimum pay, long hours, and without an option to unionize. Unfortunately, physical and emotional abuse are still frequent occurrences in many areas of the business. Sustainable fashion companies fight to provide humane working conditions, adequate health care, and a decent income above the national average. So by buying from sustainable brands, you also support their battle for fairer and better working conditions.

#7 It's also strictly against child labor

Modern slavery nowadays also involves 170 million children in garment work. This is where sustainable fashion comes to the rescue! Brands that adhere to sustainable and ethical business practices are forthcoming with information about the facilities they use, the conditions in which their employees work, and the methods they employ throughout production.

#8 Sustainable fashion is cruelty-free

To sustain life on Earth, animals must play a vital part in our ecosystems. As a result, we should all be concerned about the safety of wildlife and other animals. Items made from fur, leather, feathers, and wool, such as handbags and boots, can harm the animal species.

But don't worry, as sustainable clothing brands can help save the lives of animals! Many fashion companies rely on human-made fibers, recycled materials, and bamboo as an alternative to animal goods. As a result, it helps protect many animals from maltreatment and death and thus helps maintain the ecosystem's equilibrium.

#9 It helps you create a unique style

New and trending items are the main draw of fast fashion, appealing to a wide variety of clients. However, many fashion gurus contend that dressing like the rest of the crowd is rarely the point of fashion. Sustainable fashion is known for its timeless classics and high-quality pieces. This allows anyone who wears these pieces to show their individuality and creativity.

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Caption: Sustainable fashion is a terrific approach to constructing a fresh wardrobe that reflects your personality.

#10 Sustainable fashion now makes more commercial sense

People worldwide are becoming aware of how crucial going green in their everyday lives is. This means that more and more customers are showing interest in sustainable fashion. This allows fashion labels to differentiate themselves and remain viable in the marketplace for the long term. Also, many firms recognize the financial benefits of making their whole product line environmentally friendly.

Sustainable fashion truly matters!

There are many more reasons why sustainable fashion matters, but we hope these ten were enough to inspire you to adopt greener habits and follow sustainable trends. Remember, it all starts with the individual. Even your most minor efforts can have a significant impact and inspire others to do the same.





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