10 Reasons Why Sustainable Home and Living is Important

A maximalist lifestyle with reckless indulges may seem like the 'capitalist' fever dream. Moreover, in a twist of fate, some of us may be sucked into the rabbit hole where it seems like happiness equals buying new things. However, the fact remains that unsustainable living comes with a massive price tag. In addition to burning a hole in our pockets, the environmental repercussions of ignoring eco-sensitive living are monumental. Thus, the hour's need is to endeavour on the 'sustainable home' journey and contribute to the earth's well-being. So, without further ado, let us glance at ten reasons why an environmentally friendly lifestyle matter.

  1. Saving Money – Opting for a simple, sustainable lifestyle is a sure-shot way to save money. A study suggests reducing energy costs by 15 percent by choosing eco-friendly electrical equipment. Thus, in addition to the more prominent benefits, a sustainable home also has individuated advantages.
  2. Prevent Pollution – Energy-efficient and zero waste products can substantially reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and thereby mitigate pollution, which is the cause of 9 percent of all global deaths.           

  3. Health Benefits – A minimalist lifestyle with organic foods can minimize health risks such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

  4. Imperative for the Future – A sustainable lifestyle is one of the ways to ensure that our children inherit a greener and healthier earth.

  5. Enshrines the Basic Human Needs – Living a sustainable lifestyle can ensure that the two basic needs of all humans – food and water are fulfilled.

  6. Prevent Natural Disasters – In contemporary times, many natural disasters are induced by climate change. For example, the gut-wrenching Australian wildfires of 2020 and the abnormal heat waves of Italy 2021 are all climate disasters, which can be reduced and controlled if everyone chooses a sustainable lifestyle.

  7. Reduce Economic Inequality –Climate change and climate disasters affect all countries, irrespective of their wealth. But, those living under poverty are the hardest hit by climate change despite being the least responsible for the crisis. An Oxfam study reveals that people living in poorer nations are four times more likely to be displaced by extreme weather than the inhabitants of rich countries. Hence, sustainable living is an answer to this pressing issue.

  8. Protect Wildlife and Natural Vegetation – Our ecosystem is on the verge of disruption due to climate change. The bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and the extinction threat to several species of wildlife like Monarch butterflies and African Elephants, can be attributed to two centuries of unsustainable living of human beings. Thus, it is imperative to take active action and create a self-sufficient lifestyle through sustainable products.

  9. Water Conservation – Small sustainable living practices like turning off the tap when not in use, cutting long showers, and using energy-efficient and zero waste products can assist in water conversation.
  1. Helps You Standout – Opting for sustainable products can provide some extra oomph to your home and make you stand out. Moreover, an eco-home with lots of plants, bright sunlight, and fresh air can reduce stress and promote peaceful living.

In conclusion, individual steps matter to mitigate the looming climate emergency awaits humanity. You can begin your sustainable lifestyle journey by choosing the sustainable and aesthetically pleasing home décor options at www.upcyclelue.com.

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