Clothing brands and companies create an oversized style conundrum in our fashion trend. It is observed that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our planet, yet we cannot avoid the cause by any means. However, we can go for some practical approaches to adopt earth-conscious clothing trends and avoid our environmental damage to a certain extent.


But one of the essential questions that arise with this concept is how do you become a more careful and eco-conscious clothing consumer? 


In this blog, we will understand making better choices for conscious clothing and make better changes to improve our purchasing with effective and environmentally conscious  fashion clothing, which will be helpful for not only us but also our planet. 


Here are some of the ways through which you can Stay in Style and also only leave an impactful footprint on this majestic planet of ours: –


  • Take care of the clothes you already have. Try to be a Zero Waste Consumer


Yes, most of your clothes can be reused and upcycled. They can be made trendy and beautiful with many innovative ways and ideas. All you need is to go trendy and try the latest experiments with your existing or old clothes. It is essential to understand that you should take care of your clothes as it is the most basic and the best thing you can do right away to become a more mindful consumer. Try to become a ZERO WASTE CONSUMER and accept that the clothes you are wearing can be designed and shaped in multiple trendy and classy ways. Try avoiding disposing of your clothes and create a new pace through DIYs and a little tailoring to make it look perfect on you. Trust environmentally conscious clothing companies. 


Moreover, a tip to make your clothes live longer is to ensure that you check the care tags and follow the instructions, as these special care instructions can help your clothes sustain and keep them fresh and attractive for a more extended period of time.


  • Reuse What You’ve Got


You must understand the importance of reusing and recycling your fashion products. It is always classy to be a Social Activist and save your planet, rather than showing off things that harm your atmosphere. It’s even great and a huge style statement because even the famous fashion icons. Those who encourage sustainable clothing are praised and lauded for wearing the same garment and accessories more than once in public! Vintage is trendy and sustainable too.


  • Choose well, Buy Quality.


Purchasing your clothes from sustainable fashion brands that are well-made of high-quality materials is a way to promote eco-friendly conscious clothing because these clothes are durable, last longer, and there is less need for their replacement and willingly accepted by the planet earth when discarded[1] . Therefore, one must be wise and meaningful before purchasing clothes as cheap quality products prove to be less durable and are generally made by harming the environment and manpower. Once you calculate their real cost value, you will understand that cheap fashion doesn’t exist! Therefore, it is always ethical to buy Quality over Quantity.


  • Revamp or DIY (Do It Yourself


It is common to have a bundle of clothes that are no longer in use. An effective tip to channelize them is to revamp or reuse them with the latest trends of the fashion industry. Just revamp and redesign your fashion outfits to modify them and make them look stylish and trendy. You can even DIY your clothes and make them look classy and lovable.
All you need to do is learn the basics of sewing to become your fashion designer or go to your tailor and get your clothes trimmed and fixed to a different style, add new embellishments, trendy add-ons or dye it a vibrant or latest colour in fashion. It will help you be Sustainable and help you revamp your old clothes into a trendier shape or style.


  • Be Curious, be educated.


There is a slight change in your shopping culture when you encourage socially conscious clothing; that is, instead of asking yourself, “Does this outfit or brand look cool on me?”, try to ask questions and be aware of some of these questions: Who had manufactured these outfits? What is the fabric of these clothes? What would have been done in the supply chain procedure? What perks, benefits, or goodwill must they have offered their helpers while the manufacturing and supply chain process was done? These simple questions make you aware of how eco-friendly your brand is and how it works when it comes to serving their men and helpers, they are animal friendly or not, and many more answers that may change your perspective of shopping and purchasing. It is the best first step towards changing the perspective and transforming the minds of the people who make our clothes and help us initiate our steps towards promoting sustainability.

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