Sustainable Fashion Bloggers Inspiring Eco- Friendly Fashion

Sustainable fashion. One of the most discussed topics in the fashion community. It is about the process of fostering fashion trends in an eco-friendly way. It is a way of making people aware of the importance of nature and its resources in the making, marketing, and selling of fashion goods. With the paradigm shift from fast fashion to adopting conscious living, it is noticed that many people are happily embracing this environmental friendly change in their lifestyle and have started being aware of how-to bring sustainability through proper fashion strategy for an ethical products into the regular pace of life. 

Following is the list of sustainable fashion bloggers inspiring ethical and eco-friendly style and appealing fashion trends: -


  • Dia Mirza

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza is tagged as "Eco-Conscious" as she has been encouraging sustainability for decades. Her marriage ceremony that was entirely a "SUSTAINABLE WEDDING" had also created headlines. For Zero food wastage till eco-friendly methods of rituals, Dia Mirza had set an example of being one of the biggest well-wishers of NATURE. She says, that "An existential problem confronts us." She believes that the world is not sustainable due to the dramatic fluctuations and changes in the consumption process. She inspires by making the crowd aware of the limited resources we have for our survival and gives multiple suggestions to create an environment for a greener and happier Earth. 


  • Aditi Mayer

She is a freelance photographer, journalist, and sustainable fashion blogger at She has built her success pace across the globe by her work and dedication to intersectional environmentalism, social justice in fashion, garment worker rights, and much more. She had spent one year to understand and acknowledge the socio-economic and environmental effects of India's fashion supply chain. She has been THE VOICE TO CHANGE THE FASHION TRENDS and encouraged the environmentalist movement for more than six years. She is an inspiring soul, and her dedication to sustainable fashion trends is outstanding and remarkable. 


  • Wormrani

Womrani or Vani Murthy, 58, Composting Enthusiast, inspires to reduce the damaging causes of the Earth. She has been following zero-waste management by strictly using homemade products and decomposing harmful elements for the safety of our planet for years. Her efforts in establishing the right environment to reuse articles like cutlery, napkins, cloth bags and dominating conversations to enhance the pace of sustainability among the crowd made her famous as Wormrani. She can also be awarded as "ECO- WARRIOR" as she has the motive of acknowledging the audience about controlling ecosystem damage and beautifying the environment for sustainability.



  • Green feet clean feet

Soumya, a sustainable fashion blogger, promotes our ecosystem's restoration and protection with conscious purchasing and an eco-friendly lifestyle. She encourages greener and cleaner footprints for the future of the planet. She is an inspiration as she motivates different ways of decomposing and reusing your products in a beautiful and eye-catchy way. She has various innovative ideas and creativity to re-cycle and reuses your necessary products into a fascinating Fashion trend. 



  • Diandra Marie

Diandra is a conscious curator promoting sustainability in diversity. She is the spark of speaking up for the planet to the people. She inspires with humongous choices of sustainability in the diverse world. The main focus of the fashion blogger is to enhance ethical clothing among the audience, with better options for the latest fashion trend. She believes in composting and regenerating products that can be used by fashion freaks, encouraging an excellent environmental base and justice to human resources in the supply chain of ethical clothing. 


  • Gaia- sustainably fashion

Gaia is a social activist encouraging sustainability in the production of clothing materials. She believes the products she delivers from her hand to the customers are worth environmental safety and security. She keeps her show confined to a concept that takes around two-four weeks for delivery. She says, "To maintain sustainability, the production plan takes around two weeks cycle where the ethical clothing is moved through the studio getting cut, sewn, dyed, inspected, and packed up and shipped out as a group." She ensures unique sustainability in her clothing garments.



  • Yours.sustainably

Harsha, the sustainable fashion blogger, ensures environmentally friendly gift items made out of waste or recyclable products. They speak up that every unique item has a story to tell, whether its tableware is made from innovative and fantastic materials that will attract your friends or a beautiful handmade bag that has helped improve the makers' lives. The unique, beautiful gift items symbolise love and affection and encourage a greener and cleaner planet. They also inspire by acknowledging the meaning of the gift that matters and celebrate what people and the Earth have to offer.


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