Top Five Most Loved Sustainable Brands for Men in 2022

Times are changing, and so are the fashion preferences of men. The erstwhile inundation of the fashion collections we witnessed is now giving way to the slow fashion rhetoric. People worldwide are embracing sustainable fashion, and for all the right reasons. A recent study illustrates that 69 percent of the surveyed men said that sustainability is vital for the global economy, whereas 31 percent affirmed that it mattered for their communities' businesses. Men are prioritizing environmental issues with lucidly observable consequences such as re-using, recycling, conservation, and so forth. So, without further ado, let us look at the five most loved sustainable brands in the Indian fashion marketplace. 

Top Five Beloved Ethical Fashion Brands in India 

  1. Doodlage – Founded by Kriti Tula and Paras Arora, Doodlage is a sustainable fashion brand that caters to men and women. It is premised on the upcycling of factory waste into short limited edition collections. Moreover, the waste generated by Doodlage is also segregated and converted into eco-friendly packaging. Doodlage offers eco-friendly denim wear, shirts, shackets, jackets, trousers, and likewise for men that have a funky appeal.

  1. Lafaani – It is an eco-sensitive fashion brand striving hard to restore the balance between style and saving the environment. Lafaani believes in the tenets of slow fashion and designs their clothes to ensure maximum utility and prolonged functionality that transcends 'fashion seasons.' The brand offers shirts, jackets, and trousers as a part of its menswear. Moreover, the handcrafted products of the Lafaani have garnered widespread acclaim.

  1. Amalgam by Aishwarya – It is one of the most sought-after brands in India's ethical and sustainable marketplace. Amalgam is a women-owned brand that specializes in organic materials, mainly leather. The ethos of Amalgam premise on creating a minimalistic fashion that has the best of both worlds – that is an 'amalgamation' of western chic with Indian rusticity. The brand's menswear collection currently comprises shirts. 

  1. Sasha Wear – It is a platform that brings Indian artisans together to create exquisite and lush handicrafts and fashion pieces. Since its inception in the 1980s, Sasha Wear has been a significant player in bringing eco-friendly products to the forefront. The brand recently attracted a lot of attention for its wooden sunglasses. The business model of Sasha re-echoes the principles of equity, transparency, social justice, and environmental concern. 

  1. Beej Studio – It is one of the most renowned ethical fashion brands in India. It is a pioneering flag-bearer of using plant-based materials to produce unique and telling fashion pieces for men. Beej Studio started as an eco-sensitive brand in 2019, and its founder – Arundhati, is on a relentless mission to find sustainable and healthier alternatives to leather. The brand is a fashion hub of sorts and offers a range of products such as wallets, gifting packages, accessories, and so forth that cater to men and women, respectively.

It is never too late to be a part of the conscious clothing movement and opt for sustainable fashion brands. The uniqueness of the fashion collections of eco-friendly brands coupled with their revolutionary endeavors means that they are here to stay.

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