Top Vegan Clothing Brands For Fashion Without Cruelty

The best ethical, and sustainable clothing brands introduction has sparked a revolution in the textile business and is pushing major labels to take environmental issues more seriously. In a society dominated by pollution and global warming, it is imperative that people embrace environmentally beneficial activities. Environmental awareness has been pushed onto the public as a result of climate change, deforestation, the loss of coral reefs and other biodiversity, plastic pollution, and other such challenges. People who have seen the effects of irresponsible human behavior on the natural world have made it a top goal to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Shopping responsibly is a great method to lessen one's own impact on the environment. Roughly 10 per cent of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions come from the apparel business. Sustainable garments, on the other hand, are crafted from organic and biodegradable fibres like hemp and organic cotton, which have a negligible impact on the natural world. Here is a selection of Vegan Clothing Brands that share your respect for the environment and commitment to ethical manufacturing practices.

What’s the difference between vegan clothing brands and ethical clothing brands?

It's crucial to be able to identify green washing when searching for vegan clothing. Although many well-known companies claim their product is vegan because it contains no animal ingredients, this does not always make it ethical, sustainable, or compatible with the ideals of veganism.

As an analogy, while ethical fashion as a whole may not be appropriate for vegans, certified vegan clothing has been carefully researched to comply with vegan values (no animal products used in the materials or production, and no animals harmed).

Vegan upcycled clothes businesses not only care about the environment and don't use any animal products, but they also consider the social rights of the people who manufactured your garments. Vegan clothing is dedicated to lowering environmental impact without sacrificing fashion relevance.


While not every Vegan Clothing Brands qualifies as eco-friendly, the ones above certainly do. Every one of these vegan companies is not only animal-friendly, but also environmentally conscious and morally sound. You may get one-of-a-kind textiles manufactured from fruits and plants like apples and cactus, and they often avoid using virgin plastics (which are utilized in many vegan products). You wouldn't think that there would be so many options for animal-free textiles that don't use cheap, modern polymers. It's also worth noting that these businesses make ethical and environmental choices across the board. Eco-friendly fashion brands employ sustainable packaging and only work with producers that share their values.

Here are Indian vegan leather brands for you to try

Vegan Clothing Brandsu

Studio Amala

Amala grew up in the Indian city of Mumbai and earned her degree from Nottingham Trent University in 2020. Amala Pendse is a designer who debuted her namesake line in 2021. According to her, a person's accoutrements should reflect and amplify his or her own personal style. Studio Amala is the epitome of the seamless combination of modern style and timeless elegance. The style has a subtle glamour that's really appealing.

Studio Amala sees sustainability as a framework in which incremental improvements may add up to significant shifts. All the designs are made by local craftsmen who keep in mind the importance of ecological and environmental preservation while working. These garments are in keeping with the principles of eco-friendly style since they are crafted from yarns that have been regenerated or recycled. Ethically sourced textiles including cupro satin, modal crepe, and cupro silk are used (vegan silk). Their plastic-free packaging may be reused indefinitely.

Aligns with the UN' Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Gender parity: women make up 65% of the labor force.
  • For sustainable consumption and production, they operate on a Made-to-Order basis.


The vegan label, with headquarters in UP's suburbs, produces eco-friendly, stylish, and high-tech goods. Leaf fiber and Italian pleather (a plastic fabric that looks like leather) are used as faux leather substitutes. The collection by Upcycleluxe is created from 100% biodegradable leaf fibers, while the rest of the line is from recycled materials. It produces a wide variety of bags and handbags in many colors, including messenger bags, trunks, backpacks, and purses.

Nude & Not

In the name of personal cleanliness (and environmental consciousness), they eschewed the synthetic materials and pesticides often found in a woman's underwear drawer. Whole line is crafted from the purest organic cotton that was not exposed to any harmful chemicals throughout its growth. Natural skin care that's gentler on you and the planet.

Respect for coworkers and the surrounding environment is fundamental to their work ethic.

Both practicality and symmetry inform sartorial principles. They feel it is their duty as designers to ensure that their work is put to good use and not thrown away.


The word "Arture" may be defined as "Art plus Nature." Naturally, it succeeds where faux leather is concerned. Arture was founded in 2015, and its whole product inventory is made using only environmentally friendly methods. All-natural cork textiles are used instead of traditional leather for clothing. The properties of cork make it an excellent alternative to leather in many ways, including its longevity, resilience, light weight, flexibility, and resistance to water and fungus. The wallets, purses, laptop sleeves, and travel accessories from Arture are all PETA-approved. They only use all-natural ingredients. Nature acts as their buyer. Fabrics made from plants are sourced directly from the fields where they are cultivated and collected. After that, they maximize the utility of these components. They prioritize efficiency, simplicity, and eco-friendliness in their work. The less people take from nature, the better.


MixMitti is an initiative for developing artisans' skills and raising people's consciousness about important issues in the world and in their own lives through the medium of photography, and its goal is to provide you an exclusive collection of high-end lifestyle accessory goods made by hand. The brand's dedication to making high-quality, cruelty-free items that raise awareness through the photographs they include is a major selling point. Every effort is made to create a marketplace where shoppers may support good causes without sacrificing style. These items feature photographs taken in various locations around the world that have been artfully crafted into designer items to meet your own taste in fashion. After all, being environmentally conscious is the way of the future, and we are certainly making it fashionable with each and every handcrafted item of MixMitti accessories and luggage.

Since it is so important to give back to the natural world, MixMitti will donate a percentage of your purchase to animal welfare and conservation efforts.

MixMitti is a fashion brand that strives to do good with every purchase made, whether that's through providing long-term employment for Indian artisans, raising awareness to prevent the abuse and extinction of endangered species, or providing a morally superior alternative to fast fashion that is kind to animals.

Beej Studio

In Beej's view, sustainable living is about more than just reducing one's carbon footprint. Their mission is to foster a community that values and rewards ethical decision-making. Beej is an initiative to establish a label committed to fostering an environment where originality, ethics, and mindful fashion may flourish.

In turn, their feelings for sustainable lifestyles and Beej are always developing. There is always something new to do, discover, or experience. Vision, mission, and even the point of being are held together by the following four pillars


Leo is committed to protecting our world by making the most eco-friendly clothing possible through careful material selection, less plastic usage, and charitable donations. Their future is dependent on their prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices. Leo only sells items that are handmade, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced from India. Vegan leather, also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) leather, is used to mimic the look of real leather without using actual animals. 

Something Sustainable

In 2019, the company was established as its founders saw an immediate need to establish "something sustainable" and "something slow-paced." They're on a mission to design fashionable, comfortable, and reasonably priced clothing. By recycling materials and making do with what they have, they reduce their impact on the environment while still producing high-quality, long-lasting apparel.

They breathe fresh vitality into residual income. In other words, they recycle edibles, ornamentals, horticultural discards, and eco-friendly textiles. As a group, they are determined to bring about a better world. Their design philosophy is to make timeless, thought-provoking pieces for the conscientious consumer of today. Some of the largest fair-trade certified companies have their excess inventory reclaimed by working directly with craftsmen and local craft communities to develop naturally-dyed collections for 100% certified organic textiles.

They use basic alchemy to protect Earth and, perhaps, encourage you to do the same. Raw materials are only one focus of sustainability initiatives.

Natural dyers in Mumbai are very dedicated to their craft, and a plant in Kolkata is accredited for fair trade practices. They put a lot of time and effort into studying the market and making an informed decision on the local supply chain in order to reduce carbon impact.

SOS is the result of deep admiration for sustainable, all-year apparel that respects the environment and will never be thrown away.

The next wave of cruelty-free fashion labels

These Vegan Brands are cutting-edge when it comes to the fashion industry. This is the generation that is demanding better care of our shared planet, animals, and people, as well as higher standards in terms of fashion. You're invited to join the vegan fashion movement.

As you seek more eco-friendly options and experiment with fresh fashion, we hope this resource proves useful.

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