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The Cotton Staple Cotton Kali Anarkali SetThe Cotton Staple Cotton Kali Anarkali Set
The Cotton Staple The Cotton Staple Cotton Kali Anarkali Set
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The Cotton Staple

The Cotton Staple


Last Updated: 2024-07-24

Make It Last | Slow Fashion | Homegrown

The Cotton Staple is an initiative started by Vineeta Rajput. She is a trained fashion and textile designer from National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad. The innumerable kinds of fabrics and art forms give her the creative high. It is a place to share her love for fashion, design, art and travel.

The Cotton Staple began as an experiment, deriving inspiration from today's free spirited modern crowd who at the same time wants to get rooted to their culture. Through all our sustainable collaborations with local artisans, we source the finest blend of breathable fabrics given to our super skilled tailors who breathe life into our designs. We preserve and honor Indian crafts through our work. Our handcrafted and hand assembled products revolve around the memories of the past, joy of present and love for a hopeful future. We use no synthetic and 100% natural Indian fabrics like cotton, mul mul, silk, and chanderi, etc which are all well suited to the most climates.

As our tagline says "Make It Last", we try to educate our customers to use and reuse our garments as much as they can. True fashion for us means to believe in slow fashion, hence, at no point of time you will find thousands of products at our website. We launch 3-4 collections in a year and be very mindful of what and how we do the production to minimize the wastage. Adding to this we are a 100% homegrown brand and we try to build a lifetime relationship with all of our customers with a sense of belonging.