We are India's first Carbon Neutral Marketplace that calculates the Environmental Impact Index.  Click HERE to know more about “How do we calculate impact index.”

Want to make mindful choices and shop consciously, guilt free with no damage to the environment? You are at the right eco-shop! Our carefully handpicked curations, ALL in one place are perfect for shopping guilt free & fuzz free! NO MORE green-washing. Just some smart Green Shopping. 

First things first. 

We take our job very seriously. There are zillions of sustainable products and brands out there; we want to make sure we work with the best. A few of our non-negotiables include brand transparency, fair living wages, ethical and safe working conditions, child labour - free work and most importantly, mutual respect.

All we’re asking is for our visions to match. Basically. 



At UpcycleLuxe, we source the best of the best products from passionate individuals, organisations and brands. To us, Authenticity, Sustainability, Circular thought - process and revival of Indian Crafts is what matters the most, which often go unnoticed in the more attractive scheme of trends & fast fashion. 

Our partners are just like us: Humans on a mission to create a positive environmental impact. Low Carbon-footprint, Ethical Practices, Sustainable efficiency and Social Inclusivity are some of the causes they believe and practise. They understand the tedious cycle of creating a zero- waste, plastic free, ethically and sustainably made product and strive to be environment positive in their supply chain. Can’t you tell we’re proud of them? 

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