Black Tourmaline Prism For Protection From Negative Energies

Black Tourmaline Prism For Protection From Negative Energies

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Stone for - Positive Energy, Healing, Clarity, Protection, Happiness, Serenity, Strength, Purity, Balance & Flexibility.


- World's known stone for protection from negative energies.

- Black Tourmaline absorb negative energies and provide protection from negative magnetic, electrical fields and also from the negative people. It gives emotional strength, mental stability, intelligence and exuberance.

- Black Tourmaline is excellent and quite a grounded stone for healing, meditation or Crystal therapy or Reiki.

- One can wear a Tourmaline bracelet daily for protection from negative people and energy. It gives strong protection from the people' wrong intentions, backbiting and condemnation.

- Black Tourmaline protects one from outside influence of negativity and also provides the inner strength.

- Place the Black Tourmaline prism as a protection stone at your home or workplace, it captivates the negative energy, transforms it into a positive one and then releases it. 

- One can rub Black Tourmaline with woollen cloth to raise its temperature and it will release all the negative static electrical energies. 

- Professional practitioners and experts of crystal healing, highly endorse Black Tourmaline for Vastu, Reiki, Astrology and Feng-Shui consultations. 

Original Black Tourmaline prism comes with an authenticity certificate. The weight and size of each prism could be different due to the uncertain size of raw stones. This beautiful Black prism comes in an attractive velvet string pouch which makes it easy to store.

NOTE:- We customize it after you make a purchase. Bought products would be dispatched within 7 days of time.

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Black Tourmaline Prism For Protection From Negative Energies
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