MixMitti Unisex Olive Green Cork Vegan Fish Cabin BAg

MixMitti Unisex Olive Green Cork Vegan Fish Cabin BAg

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This thoughtfully crafted cabin bag is the perfect accomplice for all your travel plans! This versatile accessory features this season's latest trend being 100% plant based, vegan and environment friendly.
The bag is crafted with Cork Material (olive green in color) and hand painted with fish motif in traditional Madhubani Folk Art by female artisan.
About Cork: Natural Cork material is made from shavings directly from the cork oak tree. A biodegradable, renewable and recyclable material. It doesn't produce waste when being extracted or processed, nor does it contribute to air or water pollution. Extreme Lightness, Water Resistance, Wear & Tear Resistance, Durable & Uniqueness.
Relevance of Madhubani Folk Art: Madhubani painting is one of the many famous Indian art forms practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal. Folk arts of India and their affinity with the wild goes way back. Our Indian folk preservation have long been the recordings of wild existence in the region and how their presence have had several important meanings to the communities drawing them. Madhubani is one such traditional folk art which is often characterised by animal and plant motifs, freely hand painted by the artisans of the region.
Clean lines, contemporary design elements, and versatile storage options elevate the fish cabin bag a notch above regular offerings. It has a one large compartment along with many pockets for extra storage. Inner Zip and laptop compartment with soft padding for all in one storage.
Dimensions - 21" x 11" x 10"
Color- Brown and Olive Green (*Do note that sometimes the colors on appear slightly different on screen)
Material Type- Cork, Jute Cotton
Specialty- Handcrafted by plant based materials making them completely cruelty free & eco friendly and hand painted in traditional Madhubani Folk Art.
Strap Type- Removable Shoulder Strap
Closure Type- One way single compartment metal zippers.
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MixMitti Unisex Olive Green Cork Vegan Fish Cabin BAg
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