Original Unisex Jade Bracelet

Original Unisex Jade Bracelet

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STONE FOR - Fortune, Courage, Luck, Grounding, Good Health, Self-love & Maturity in Relationships.


- Beautiful Jade beads bring love and courage to raise your own vibrations to take a step forward to your dreams.

- Jade is referred to as the stone for luck and happiness.

- Along with calming colour Jade has many healing properties. It keeps one calm in difficult situations and brings tranquillity. 

- It potentially benefits the health of several organs and their conditions; like Spleen, bladder, skeletal system, kidney and hormone imbalances that affect fertility.

- Jade plays an important role in good heart health and a stable mind.

- This pretty, Greenstone is associated with healings of relationships and self-love. It provides maturity, honesty, life force energy and self-acceptance for fulfilling relationships. 

- Jade placed in the South-East corner of the home, brings good fortune and wealth. It brings a positive attitude toward money and manifests work goals. 

- Deeper shades of Jade are centring & grounding. Pale Green calms the mind and Lavender Jade helps with intuition & instincts.

Original, certified Jade bracelet with 24 beads. Attractive glossy beads, neatly woven, with strong elasticated thread for good grip. These calming Green beads have luxurious look which would definitely enhance your personality. This bracelet comes in an attractive Velvet string pouch which makes it easy to keep safe.

This is a handmade, make to order product. Bought products would be dispatched within 7 working days.

Organic The prime focus of “Bamboology Trends” is to provide products to our customers that are ant-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-static qualities, UV rays protector, CO2 absorbent, water savior, zero pesticides & 100% biodegradable clothing, unlike cotton. Ethically Made We aim to spread awareness about sustainable clothing and educate people as much as possible. Also help them in the process of switching to sustainable clothing. Chemical free Bamboo is a highly sustainable, fastest-growing plant, which can be cultivated with zero pesticides.

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We plant trees with proceeds from your order that saves 21 Kgs of CO2 per year

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Original Unisex Jade Bracelet
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