UpcycleLuxe is India’s 1st Carbon Neutral Marketplace. We not only promote sustainable living, we also work on reducing our impact on the environment by calculating the exact amount of damage done aiming to become fully carbon neutral.  A team of eco-advocates, we shall change The Face of Sustainable Fashion in India. You are welcome to join us in our journey. 

 "Upcycleluxe is our road to creating a strong community for sustainable fashion brands in India. Curating thoughtful products, consumers - better choices, mindful consumption & living, green choices, informed choices , eco-friendly, slow-fashion tech platform, we wish to make sustainable, conscious and ethical fashion accessible to ALL."

We went deeper, bringing science - integrated solutions that calculate the environmental impact of each product in terms of carbon emission, water & energy saving, etc and let consumers #knowyourimpact into the platform. Selling products is one thing, but we want you to have a meaningful experience and this is essential to our ethos. 

Think Sustainable, Start Sustainable, Live Sustainable, Shop Sustainable. 

Taking these steps, little by little, are sure to help you lead a slower, sustainable life. 

Is it really a Luxury if the unsustainable product puts our planet at stake?

For us, true “Luxury” means excellent craftsmanship, organic fabrics, skin friendly natural dyes, animal friendly materials, transparent network, ethical working conditions, bio- degradable ingredients and 100% honest customer service. We believe that these practices are the only way to protect our planet and thus, humanity. This is why, GREEN IS THE NEW LUXURY for those who choose living responsibly with care and align with mother Earth, together.

We love things innovative, functional & fashionable, without having the planet to pay a price for it. 

So why not have both? 

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