MixMitti Unisex Brown & Madder Red Cork & Coconut Leather Vegan Cervid Waist Pouch

MixMitti Unisex Brown & Madder Red Cork & Coconut Leather Vegan Cervid Waist Pouch

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Mix Mitti
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This thoughtfully crafted cross body bag is the perfect accomplice for your all day everyday transits! This versatile accessory features this season's latest trend being 100% plant based, vegan and environment friendly.
The bag is crafted with Cork Material (brown in color) and Malai Coconut Leather (The red madder color).
About Cork: Natural Cork material is made from shavings directly from the cork oak tree. A biodegradable, renewable and recyclable material. It doesn't produce waste when being extracted or processed, nor does it contribute to air or water pollution. Extreme Lightness, Water Resistance, Wear & Tear Resistance, Durable & Uniqueness.
About Malai Coconut Leather: Malai is newly developed material made from entirely organic and sustainable bacterial cellulose found in coconut water (a by- product from the harvesting of coconut flesh) which is then collected and refined until it becomes the finished material. Malai being a perfect alternate to leather, is environment friendly and a completely vegan product. A product made from Malai will last many years if properly cared for, and when disposed will naturally break down.
The waist pouch features a main zipped compartment, front zippered pocket and back zippered pocket with push-clip closure belt.
Dimensions - 6" x 11" x 3"
Color- Brown and Madder Red (*Do note that sometimes the colors on appear slightly different on screen)
Material Type- Malai Coconut Leather, Cork, Jute Cotton Lining
Specialty- Handcrafted by plant based materials making them completely cruelty free, eco friendly and compostable.
Strap Type- Push clip closure belt
Closure Type- Metallic Zipper

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Extra Information

DELIVERY 10-12 business days
MATERIAL Coconut Leather (Malai) & Cork

We plant trees with proceeds from your order that saves 21 Kgs of CO2 per year

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MixMitti Unisex Brown & Madder Red Cork & Coconut Leather Vegan Cervid Waist Pouch
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