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vision to keep up with tomorrow’s future

We are working with a vision to keep up with tomorrow’s future, where sustainability keeps our boat afloat in a dirty ocean of fast fashion and technology. Not only are we aiming to create a better future for the planet and for all who live on it, but we’re also striving to make it a happy-green paradise.

It’s no secret that we’re facing a loss of biodiversity, and we need your help to restore our ecosystems to their former glory one tree at a time.

UpcycleLuxe, through its Upluxe Offsetting program, aims to develop a lush and green sustainable world for future generations and build a repository for a rich and ecologically bio-diverse planet. In order to achieve this, we are committed to planting a tree for every product sale we make and to plant at least 4000 saplings by 2024 catering to 1 billion customers. At UpcycleLuxe, sustainability is more than just a cause we believe in, it’s a way of life.