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We at UpcycleLuxe envision to build a community for sustainable fashion brands in India. We at UpcycleLuxe envision to build a community for sustainable fashion brands in India. With a mission to accelerate the transition towards sustainable fashion, we are committed to renewing the importance of sustainable clothing in India.

We only work with brands that recognise sustainability or practice transparency aka- The Nice Guys. They share the same vision and are committed to creating an ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle and accessories sector.

As a truly slow fashion-tech platform, we understand that in order to be truly sustainable, one has to make labour practices a part of every sustainability conversation. We ensure that the brands behind sustainable clothing in India that we onboard are free from child labour, guarantee a safe working area, pay fair living wages, and also treat their workforce with respect at all times.

We partner with only the best of sustainable clothing brands in India and spend months looking for the right brands that tick all our checkmarks. In order to be a part of the UpcycleLuxe family, brands need to pass ‘LuxeLens’, our in-house brand vetting process.

Simply put, ‘LuxeLens’ is a rigorous research and review of the brand that includes – 

  • How many UN SDGs do they follow?
  • What certifications do they possess? 
  • What areas of positive impact are they trying to achieve?

On average our brands tend to meet at least impact SDGs (Yes! They’re so good!) and that’s how we make sure the products we stock have the greatest possible positive impact. As UpcycleLuxe aims to be the go-to slow fashion-tech stop for sustainable fashion brands in India, we work hard every day to mark our presence among the best ethical and sustainable fashion platforms in the country.
To make a long story short, we ensure that we’re a part of the solution and not part of the pollution.

We want to build a better future for tomorrow. And together with our partner brands, we believe we can achieve it by

Maintaining supply chain transparency

Showcasing authentic sustainable products

Delivering product impact data