The “UpAnchor” : Our Curation Method

With the framework of three-pillar conception of sustainability i.e. triple-bottom approach for People, Planet, Profits, we take genuine interest in evaluating the positive impact of a sustainable businesses. Besides the three pillars, product also plays an pivotal role for any sustainable business that proves an environment-first- approach. 

The UpAnchor is a proprietary theorem of 4-way-approach that includes Planet, Product, People & Profits. A  360 degree vetting process for a sustainable business that helps in product selection and curation process by understanding materials, methods of creating products and services that can co-exist with the fast-evolving world, with doing minimum damage to the planet. 

We work hard to get the best curation on board with us, together working to be part of this global solution. Prioritising the environment is key for us and for that, we focus on the raw material sourcing, product manufacturing method and the overall supply chain processes to truly call a product SUSTAINABLE. We cannot abide Greenwashing and to steer away from it, We thereby measure the impact of product from cradle to grave i.e. production, use, disposal of each product that is curated by us. 

To achieve the same, we have an in-house “Curator’s Committee” who uses a framework to identify the right products for a conscious customer, asks the right questions to creators and evaluates its quality & product in a holistic manner. The committee helps us in reaching our goal of building a strong community to prompt ideas of a plastic -free and minimal-waste lifestyle amongst their peers and loved ones. We aim to build a community which then promotes a zero-waste and plastic free aka carbon neutral lifestyle to their peers & social circles. The more, the merrier!

The brand - vetting includes a 3 step process:

  • Curation process 
  • Product selection 
  • Brand/Product Index 

A widely recognised ISO 14001 inspired management system which gives organizations a systematic approach for measuring and improving their environmental impact and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Principles and The Sustainability Evaluation questions used by  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)Upcycleluxe’s curated framework focuses on these aspects for product lifecycle- Source Extraction, Features/Process, Impact index, Aesthetics, Packaging, Disposal


  • Source Extraction- It’s where a product’s life starts. What it is made of ?
  • Raw Material
  • Material is key. While we know a material by a just a touch often we forget to see what it is made of. 


    • Organically grown 
    • Vegan/Plant-based
    • Naturally Dyed
    • Plastic-free
    • Made out of Waste
    • Mineral based
    • Chemical-free

    Some of our preferred materials include these characteristics: Upcycled/Recycled/Organic materials, Circular in production, Ethically made, Zero - waste /Minimal waste production, Handcrafted, uses natural dyes, Slow - produced luxury has Artisanal expertise ………you get the drift. We’re open to trying new things, always! 

  • Features/Process- How it is made ? 

    Every product is unique in their own sustainable way, making them stand out. The manufacturing of a sustainable product tells its own unique story and its process that qualifies to become truly sustainable. 


    • Upcycled / Recycled 
    • Zero / Minimal waste / Circular design
    • Handcrafted / Locally made by artisans
    • Made in Renewable energy run facilities
    • Thrift/ Second-Hand/Vintage 
    • New luxury (Produced in small scales, based on unique designer/artisan expertise)
    • Cruelty free / Vegan
    • Water conservation/ Co2 prevention 
    • Organic materials - Low impact natural materials
    • Ethically made (Free from human exploitation)
  • Impact Index -   
  • #knowyourimpact

    Impact index aka Impact score is a One-of-a-kind science based target solution technology to help choose & consume mindfully. It helps to eliminate greenwashing & make easy conscious decision of why choose sustainable products over any fast-paced trends. 

    • Know Co2 Prevented
    • Know Water being saved
    • Know energy conserved
    • Know chemicals prevented 
  •   Aesthetics - Is it designed thoughtfully & Innovatively ?
  • #knowyourstyle

    In the world full of trends, it easy to buy a way to be fashionable but Style is in DNA. It implies Originality and Courage. UpcycleLuxe being truly sustainable, also explore to know your true style. Our products are functional, innovative and thoughtfully designed with timeless & classic style. Products with a unique penchant for designs, silhouettes, textures, cuts and color are ideal. 

    • Functional
    • Classic/Timeless
    • Minimal
    • Modern Indian
    • Contemporary
    • Authentic


  • Packaging - Is it Plastic-free, Upcycled, Zero-waste & compostable  ?#knowyourpackages
  • Packaging is another important factor in deciding sustainability. We assess: 

    • 100% Plastic-free packaging
    • The circularity of the packages as zero-waste or upcycled
    • Recycled corrugated boxes, paper materials and stuffings
    • Shipping boxes sealed with water activated paper tapes with starch- based adhesive
  • Disposal- What is the use after expiry?
  • #knowyourdisposal

    To attain circularity, disposal/afterlife of the product is as important  as its manufacturing to know what goes behind when a product is ends its life from a closet. 

    • Recyclable 
    • Biodegradable 
    • Reconstructed, reused upto 30 uses & beyond
    • Upcyclable or Zero-waste
    • Decomposable
    • Compostable

    Why is UpAnchor truly Important for conscious consumerism?

    The UpAnchor framework helps in identifying areas of improvement for each product at every step, validating and recognising the  sustainable business practices, curating a wide-range of products that are authentic to our ethos, thereby enhancing customer awareness & interactions with a guilt-free shopping experience. 

    UpAnchor is core to our selection process and each member at curator’s committe is trained to look at the brand and the product through its microscopic view. Let’s fall #sustainablyinlove and make slow living better, together

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    Our Selection Method


    Last Updated: 2024-07-24