zero-waste packaging

Q - Wait, what’s the big deal about packaging? 

Well, packaging is an integral part of a sustainable system, requiring its own adequate use and disposal. We, rest assured, have achieved the art of sustainability & changed the supply chain towards circular packaging and this is how we do it.  

Q - What’s cool about UpcycleLuxe’s packaging style? 

We are proud to say that UpcycleLuxe’s packaging is completely Zero-Waste, Biodegradable and Plastic-Free. Everything is 100% recyclable and compostable. All the brands that we support are also required to be plastic-free.

Q - WOAH! Big Claims. How is a typical UpcycleLuxe Box packaged?

The recyclable corrugated boxes used for shipping are made from kraft container board or paper pulp-based board. Material usage is minimal, who wants bulky boxes anyway? 

The wrapping over the boxes is a paper wrap stuck with a water - activated non-reinforced paper tape which uses a plant-based starch glue. All materials used are fully recyclable and compostable. No Plastic. #ZeroWasteStyle, truly. 

Q - How do we figure out packaging with our partner brands??

Being #PlasticFree is essential. We follow a strict “No-Plastic” policy, Nevertheless, there are few products that can not be worked well with a minimal use of plastic and we have granted ease in that space. Minimalism is always appreciated. None of that bulky stuff. 

Any shipment that does not fulfill our criteria is rejected and sent back. We take our packaging methods seriously and would like all our sellers and partner brands to follow the same. The planet comes first, always.  

Q - What did we achieve via this method? 

We are proud to say that making this change has we've  prevented 44.6kgs of carbon emission per box which is lower than an average plastic packaging. 

Q - Okay. But what do I do with the received box? They’re compostable right?.......


Once you receive our package, you will find a cute, little note explaining ways to reuse, recycle or compost all the packaging materials.

Q - How do you Reuse?

Fear not! We’ve done the work for you. You could use our box as an 1. All-Purpose container, 2. A plant pot, 3. Extend your imagination and Get Crafty! For more details, Check out ways to reuse our packaging on our Instagram HERE 

It’s fun. We promise. 

PS - Do you have suggestions for us to improve? 

We’re always open to feedback that will make us work better towards our goal. Your opinion matters the most to us and we’d love to hear about what you thought of your experience with us, good or bad. We will ensure you don’t leave disappointed. Write to us at 

Packaging 101 - Zero-Waste, Our Style


Last Updated: 2024-07-15