The fashion industry’s annual production is 400 billion square metre of textiles leading to cutting room floor waste of 60 billion square metre. As a production-based country, India is directly impacted by overproduction that leads to excessive consumption of chemicals, pollution of water resources, unequal standards of living  and product waste.

We wanted to help change that. 

Presenting, The UpLuxe Offsetting Program. A space where we plant a tree for every purchase you make. We have proudly collaborated with GROW TREES an honest organisation here to help offset carbon and bring back the green, we so miss in our lives. With every tree planted, the owner, i.e you a certificate telling the world that you’re a proud to offset your carbon footprint with Upcycleluxe. 

This is just not it! The best part is, The trees are planted for Tigers in Sundarbans NationalPark, WestBengal, India which you can track and know the project.this is to enhance the habitat of endangered wildlife and provide employment to rural communities.

But why trees? 

One of the many benefits of reforestation is that trees are extremely efficient at carbon sequestration and amongst the most effective tools in the fight against dangerous greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and global warming. Trees convert the carbon dioxide (CO2) into plant matter, holding this material for the life of the tree and beyond. It’s a win-win, you guys. 

Upluxe Offsetting


Last Updated: 2024-06-15