5 Major Benefits of Organic Clothing for Kids

Babies are the most beautiful things ever to happen to humans. Right from changing their diapers to clothing them, the family does it all. But have you ever thought of the benefits of organic clothing for kids over non-organic clothing? If not, then now is the right time.

You teach your kids new things right from the time they are born and even when they age gracefully. There are few to no tools to measure the love you shower on your babies. So why not educate and instill the benefits of going Organic both for them and the environment right at a tender age?

Everyone loves to dress their babies in the best clothing available, be it buying organic clothing for toddlers online, clothing for girls, and clothing for boys alike. There’s more to organic clothing for toddlers than it meets the eye. The benefits are far too many, and this article will educate you on the 5 major benefits of Organic Clothing for Kids.


  1. What is Organic Clothing?


Nowadays, you can see the market is flooded with Organic products like Organic Fruits and Organic Vegetables. The same practices involved in growing Organic consumables are applied to grow Organic Crops. The fibres derived from these crops are used to manufacture Organic Clothing.


1.1 What are the practices used in manufacturing Organic Clothing?

  • The fibres derived from Organic Crops are mostly grown in “Rainfed” farms.
  • Minimum to Nil hazardous pesticides, greenhouse gases emitting fertilisers, and toxic herbicides, are used during the growth period.
  • No chemical dyes or colours are used to manufacture Organic Clothing for Toddlers and Adults.
  • Organic Clothing for Girls and Adults is manufactured in a safe and hygienic working environment, deploying ethical labour laws and totally free of child labour.
  • No usage of Plastic for packaging the end product, i.e., Organic Clothing for Kids and Adults alike.


  1. Benefits of Organic Clothing for Kids


When your clothes or your baby's clothing comes with a certification like "GOTS certified" (to name a few certifications), it implies that it is Organic Clothing. You have to check for these certifications to avoid being greenwashed. It certifies that the Organic Clothing for boys, like the Ethically Made Capri Shirt by KHELA KIDS and Organic Counting Sheep Nightsuit Set for girls by GREENDIGO, are made using certified Organic Cotton.

Right from sowing to harvesting, from weaving to dyeing during the manufacturing process, only organic fibres and Organic/Natural Dyes are used that are devoid of any chemicals. These processes, along with the required certifications, make them Organic Clothing for Toddlers safe for the skin and the environment.

 Below are listed 5 major benefits of Organic Clothing for Kids:

      2.1 Safeguards Babies/Kids Skin

Organic Clothing is your best bet when you want to protect your baby's skin from any rashes or irritation caused by rough finishing or any usage of toxic dyes. It is skin-friendly, breathes easily, and doesn't contain formaldehyde resins or allergens. Organic Clothing for infants and growing kids is important as their skin is thinner and readily absorbs harmful chemicals if you adorn them with non-organic Clothing.

      2.2 Helps in Cooling the Skin

Organic fabrics like Organic Cotton (which is commonly used) are super-breathable. The inflow of ample air makes the babies/kids feel cool, comfortable, and stylish when they wear Organic Clothing, for example, Bamboology Organic Bamboo Swaddle (Sleep Suit) for Infants & Kids by BAMBOOLOGY. As the Organic Fabrics breathe easily, they help in controlling and limiting the body heat and also from prickly heat. The skin retains moisture as your baby/kid's body tends to sweat less when wearing Organic Clothing.

      2.3 Organic Clothing for Kids lasts longer.

Investing in Organic Clothing is a bang for the buck as organic products are durable and last longer. They are not exposed to any harsh chemical treatments, thus allowing the fibres to be naturally strong. This qualitative and durable aspect helps the Organic Clothing with a longer shelf life and can be used repeatedly.

       2.4 Organic Clothing for Kids is Healthier

Organic Clothing only uses naturally derived Organic Fibres from Organic Crops. This way, there are no traces of any harmful chemicals like PCBs (Polycarbonate Biphenyls), which are the root cause of health issues like irritation to the lungs or nose, rashes on the skin, and fatigue, to name a few. Organic Clothing for Kids contains negligible traces of harmful chemicals or is totally devoid of them, thus making them the perfect form of clothing fabric for your precious kids with no health risks tagged along.

      2.5 Organic Clothing is Eco-Friendly

Non-Organic crops are grown using a heavy amount of pesticides and fertilisers that pollute the environment, water bodies, and also the land they are cultivated on. For e.g., Conventional Cotton uses a huge amount of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and water. This adds up to the already looming danger to the environment.

On the other hand, Organic Cotton Clothing for Kids uses Organic Cotton that is grown on “Rainfed” farms using very little pesticides and other chemicals. It helps in curbing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and the release of polluted water underground or in groundwater bodies.


Be The Change



Being a Parent, you want to and will do everything possible to pamper your kids and also safeguard them regardless of the age factor. By getting your hands on Sustainable and Organic Clothing for Kids and yourself, you help reduce Carbon Footprints and do your bit to heal Mother Nature and make this beautiful planet of ours livable for the future generation to follow.


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Shop with us to pamper your kids and make them future fashion-ready by going Organic. Do your bit in upscaling the difference and also make your kids aware of the benefits coming with Organic Clothing.

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