4 Amazing Benefits of Organic Skin Care & Beauty Care Products

Every Human likes to be in the pink of health, and they go the extra mile to achieve this goal. Be it maintaining a balanced diet or regular physical and mental exercise, we do it all. Then why neglect the health of the Skin that drapes your body? The best way to protect your skin is by opting for Organic Skin Care Products and Organic Beauty Care Products.

As we all know, the Skin is the largest organ that touches all parts of our body, right from head to toe. As it is exposed to the outer environment, the chances of Skin getting damaged are inevitable. Our Skin & absorbing power is enormous; one should take care of what they are applying to it. Many skin care products contain chemicals that can damage the skin and your health as they enter your bloodstream on application. The wisest way is to buy Organic
Skin Care Products online or in Physical stores that sell them.

According to a study, an average person uses at least 10 different beauty/skincare products on their body on a daily basis. Now, who doesn't like to look beautiful by applying makeup or cosmetics? But do you know whether cosmetic or makeup products like blush, mascara, or lipstick are good for your Skin? Non-organic skin/Beauty Care products have artificial elements that are formulated in labs and contain toxic chemicals that will harm your Skin and also your health.

In contrast, Organic Beauty Care Products don't contain any traces of harmful chemicals as they are manufactured using all-natural products and adhere to strict guidelines and standards set down by the respective governing bodies.


  1. What do Organic Skin Care Products mean and constitute? 

    The word “Organic” itself rings a bell, stating that it is manufactured using Natural products. Let’s take a sneak peek of the important facets of Organic Skin Care Products and Organic Beauty Care Products:

    • The ingredients used to manufacture Organic Skin/Beauty Care Products are derived from plants and flowers grown organically and naturally available minerals.
    • No genetically modified (GMO) ingredients are used in production.
    • Organic Skin Care or Organic Beauty Care Products contain no Sulfates, Parabens, or other harmful Chemical substances.
    • Contains limited to no toxic petrochemical ingredients.
    • Not tested on animals
    The manufacturing process is such that it retains the solidity of the natural ingredients used and strictly adheres to the standards set in producing Organic Beauty Care and Organic Skin Care Products. These important facets ensure that Organic Skin Care Products, when applied on the skin, are totally safe. When you buy Organic Skin Care or Organic Beauty Care Products on line or in physical stores, you safeguard your skin, health, and the environment.4 benefits of organic skincare cosmetics
    2.  4 Major Benefits of Organic Skin Care & Beauty Care Products

    Now that you have an idea of what “Organic Skin Care” and “Organic Beauty Care” products mean and what they are made of, it’s time to explore how they benefit your skin and health. There are one too many benefits that Organic Products provide you with, and we have prima facie listed 4 Major Benefits of Organic Skin Care & Beauty Care Products listed below:

        2.1 Better & Safe for Your Skin.

    beautiful woman aloevera massage her face

    Organic Skin Care Products are made with naturally available ingredients sourced from organically grown plants. They have the littlest or are totally devoid of any traces of harsh chemicals and are grown without using any toxic fertilisers. The Organic Skin & Beauty Care products have no cheap chemical fillers, hence protecting your skin from any allergies, blemishes, irritation, clogged pores, or rashes. Organic Skin Care Products develops and maintains a harmonious balance with your body and skin, for example, Anour Ginseng Day Cream (SPF 20++) by ANOUR.

       2.2 Organic Skin and Beauty Care Products are good for your Health.

    Regular skin care or beauty care products contain phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and parabens, which are endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These carcinogens are very harmful and can affect your endocrine system, reproductive system, and immunity. Conventional skin care products contain high toxic chemical concentrations that can seep into your body and accumulate
    to cause major health problems down the line.

    Organic Beauty Care or Organic Skin Care Products like Himalayan Origins Moringa and Mango Butter Lip Balm by HIMALAYAN ORIGINS contain no hazardous chemicals or petrochemical byproducts as they are made using natural and organic ingredients. They are beneficial to your skin and also your Health as no toxic chemicals seep into your bloodstream, thus keeping you and your skin healthy.

       2.3 Better for the Environment.

    Organic Skin Care Products are made with Organic ingredients like plants, flowers, and minerals that are grown and manufactured, applying sustainable practices. No harsh chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers, etc., are used during their growth stage. Also, no harmful chemical colours are used while producing Organic Hair Care Products like Vriksha Veda Transparent Coconut Oil

    This sustainable practice of growing and manufacturing Organic Skin/Beauty Care Products releases little to no harmful greenhouse gases in the air and chemically treated water in the water bodies. Also, it keeps the surroundings and soil rich with nutrients as no pesticides or fertilisers are used. When you buy Organic Lip Care Products online or at an Organic physical store, you are benefiting your internal health and skin and also help make a positive impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprints.

       2.4 Cruelty-Free Organic Products

    Organic Skin Care Products are not tested on Animals. Thus, Organic Skin Care Products also earn the title of Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products. Conventional Beauty Care Products face backlash from several quarters of Society as they are tested on animals in labs that are held captive and subjected to different types of product testing. Indirectly, you are helping save the animals from testing when you buy Organic Beauty Care Products online in India or worldwide and also at offline Organic physical stores. 


     To Conclude

    The facets revealed above are based on facts and findings and hence prove that Organic Skin Care and Organic Beauty Care Products are way better than Conventional Skin and Beauty Care Products. It nourishes and is gentler on your skin. Your whole body and also the environment benefits when you buy an Organic Skin Care Product or Organic Clothing. 

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