Best Organic Diwali Gifts in 2023 To Buy For Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Diwali Candles

India is a potpourri of many religions and with many religions come various festivals. “Diwali” is one of the major festivals of Hindu religion. It is a festival of light wherein every house is lit up with “Diyas,” the house is decorated with “Torans,” “Lightings,” and bursting Crackers are also a part of the celebration. With the AQI levels dropping and the pollution levels rising alarmingly, why not do your bit to curb this pollution menace by celebrating an Organic Diwali and purchasing Organic Diwali Gifts online this 2023?!

Diwali is also known as the “Market Festival,” as many people flood the physical stores and marketplaces to shop for clothes, flowers, and other necessities required. During Diwali, people gift their family members, relatives, employees, and clients an assortment of gifts and sweets. Switching to purchasing Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifts online helps curb long traffic jams, avoid shopping queues, save your precious time, and also helps reduce carbon footprints.

1. Diwali and its Significance

Diwali, or Deepavali as it is called, is the Hindu festival of Lights. Many deities are worshipped over the week like Goddess Lakshmi to usher in prosperity, Lord Ganesha for knowledge, and Lord Rama’s coming back to Ayodhya after defeating Raavana, to name a few. It epitomises the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. It is a 5-day festival, but the after-effects make it a week-long festival.

Diwali festival embraces all religions and cultures, and people from different countries come specially to witness the festivities. This is what makes the festival famous across cultures. From
poojas to the deities to card parties throughout the night, delicious food and sweets, and festive clothing are all the components that make a successful Diwali celebration.

Everybody is busy from the local potters, goldsmiths, and clothing stores and companies during this true market festival. When you adorn yourself in Organic Clothing, decorate your home/office with Organic Décor, light them up with Organic Diyas, and treat them with the most delicious Organic Sweets and delicacies, you will take your Diwali game a notch higher.

2. Here are some Trending Organic Diwali Gifts which you can purchase online
in 2023:

2.1 Organic Diyas & Organic Candles

Diwali Soy wax candles

As the name suggests, the Organic Diyas and Organic Candles are made of naturally occurring sustainable ingredients that are Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly. The Organic Diyas are 100% Natural, Handcrafted, and Sun-Dried, like “The Good Route Festive Diyas by The Good Route”. It is the best sustainable option to light up your homes with these Organic Candles this Diwali 2023, for example like the “Summer Crush Soy Wax Scented Candle by HIMALAYAN ORIGINS” and “Sweetness of Laddoo Candles by VRIKSHA VEDA” that resembles everybody’s favourite sweet Laddoos, thus not harming nature and adding up to pollution levels.

2.2 Organic Toran/Bandarwals

Bandarwal for Diwali 2023

“Athithi Devo Bhava” is the Indian tradition where we treat the guests as Gods. What better way than to enchant both Goddess Lakshmi and your guests by decorating the main entrance to your residence with Organic Toran/Bandarwals? Toran’s origin can be traced to ancient Hindu mythological work, the “Puranas.” They are mainly used to decorate the main entrance of Hindu homes. The idea behind decorating the main entrance of your residence with a “Toran” or "Bandarwal" is to welcome, attract, and please the Goddess of Wealth, “Lakshmi,” and guests as well. Organic Torans are Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly, made with natural fabrics using chemical-free dyes and colours, for example, the vibrant and colourful “Om Diya Diwali Toran by USE ME WORKS,” and “The Good Route Upcycled Toran by THE GOOD ROUTE.”

2.3 Organic and Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable Women's Kurta

Organic and Sustainable Clothing is manufactured using Organic Fabrics and Organic Colours/Dyes. Diwali is also synonymous with Festive Clothing. Now is the time to make a switch to Organic Festive Clothing like the Avni Sustainable Kurta Set (for Women) from ORBAAN, Prathaa 100% Cotton Kurta with Mandarine Collar by PRATHAA (for Kids), Ashoka Double Breasted Kurta by B LABEL (for Men) and many more brands. Organic Clothing lasts long, is durable, and also can be upcycled.

2.4 Organic Accessories & Jewelry

Sustainable Women's Jewelry

When you are all dressed up for the kill, then you can up the ante even more by purchasing the right set of Organic Accessories & Jewellery online, like the “Handloom Textile Upcycled Chamkila Tote Bag by SCRAPSHALA” and “Women's gold mother of pearl handcrafted Niccolo earrings by KAOAPH,” and many more different accesories by renowned Organic Accessories & Jewellery Brands in India.


2.5 Organic Skin & Beauty Care Products

organic Beauty Products for Women

Adding a glam quotient to go with your look is of utmost importance. There's nothing next to Organic Skin & Beauty Care Products as they protect and also enhance your skin, for example, “Anour Frosted Vanilla (Candle Cum Body Butter)” and “Vriksha Veda Golden Green Jojoba Oil,” to name a few.

2.6 Organic Home & Living Products

Organic Home Products

When you are entertaining guests and relatives this Diwali, it won’t hurt to spruce up your furnishings in an organic way. Organic Cushions and Decorations like “Embroidered Cushion Covers by WHITEFIRE,” and “Stain-Proof Foldable Natural Pine Mandala Table
Placement by SCRAPSHALA” (to name a few) adds a soothing and relaxed factor to the environment of your residence and your guests alike.

Spruce Up Your Diwali 2023, Organic Style

Sustainable Fashion for Eco-friendly Earth

Again, as we all know, “Diwali” is celebrated ideally for the win of “Good over Evil” in the same way YOU should win over the evil termed as “Pollution” by choosing the Organic Path. When you opt for Organic Products, not only do you do good for yourself but also for farmers, manufacturers, and, most importantly, Mother Nature, which has given you this beautiful life and environment you enjoy today. So be a conqueror and vanquish pollution of every sort by choosing Organic Products like Organic and Sustainable Clothing, Organic Accessories, and Organic Food etc., that do a world of good to your health, skin, and the environment.

Upcycleluxe is a one-stop digital shop for everything sustainable and organic that houses renowned and upcoming brands dealing in Organic Fashion, Organic Home and Living, Organic Skin and Beauty Care Products, and Organic Nutrition and Digestives, to name a few of the Organic categories. Our Organic e-commerce platform provides you with a seamless and safe shopping experience. So splurge on yourself and your family by purchasing Organic Diwali Gifts online on our digital platform this Diwali 2023, and say a big NO to bursting crackers. Make it one to remember and cherish for the years to come.

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