List of Recycling Organisations and Waste Management Companies in India

India’s population is snowballing, and the same goes for urbanisation. It means generating a “Lot of Waste” in all forms. Waste Management is a looming catastrophe on a global scale. Waste is the most weighty contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation, and water pollution. So, the need of the hour is more Waste Management Organisations and Waste Recycling Companies in India. Without proper Waste Management, hordes of people will fall victim to adverse health risks and significant environmental damage. We are seeing a never-ending rise in waste generation, primarily plastics, clothing items, flowers, stumps, etc. India is aware of this looming catastrophe. Some Waste Management Organisations and Waste Recycling Companies are championing this sector with unique and successful methods of making the best out of waste. UpCycleLuxe has compiled an extensive list of Recycling Organisations and Waste management companies pioneering this Circular Economy Industry vertical. Let us dive deep and know these waste management and recycling companies in India in alphabetical order:

1)  Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd. -

The company is one of the significant 5 players who deal with Indian MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) management. Being in this industry for the past 17 years, it provides many MSW services, including collecting solid waste, transportation, processing, and disposal services. The company’s waste management services are available across India, mainly focusing on Indian Municipalities. It is also carving its niche in the MSW-based “Waste to Energy” area.

2)  APChemi –

APChemi is championing the burgeoning plastic market by implementing its “ultra-pure pyrolysis oil technology.” In simple terms, the end-of-life plastic waste is recycled into Pharma/Food grade plastics. With 4 patents granted and 8 in the line, the company is all set to achieve its goals of decarbonisation and producing efficient energy. The company significantly turns tyres, waste plastic, and biomass into valuable and usable upcycled products like hydrogen gas, biofuels, and sustainable chemicals.

3) Attero Recycling -

Attero Recycling is one of India's largest electronic waste recycling companies. The company is a pioneer and has been at the forefront of innovation and technology regarding e-waste. The major work is recycling lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries collected throughout India in the most environmentally sustainable way.

4) Banyan Nation –

The company is based out of Hyderabad and is a known plastic recycling company. Banyan Nation incorporates a unique system of collecting plastic waste in large quantities. It recycles them into premium and qualitative recycled polyolefin plastics.

5) BatX Energies –

BatX Energies mainly recycles and develops advanced Lithium-Ion batteries using first-life and second-life Lithium-Ion cells. The company is an expert in Li-Ion Batter Recycling and Resource Recovery. The batteries are used in automobiles, grid storage, and also in consumer electronics. Once the battery scrap is bought from the market, up to 80-99% of the material is extracted and used to produce battery grade Cobalt, Nickel, Lithium, Manganese, and Graphite, among all the other required materials.

6) Bintix –

Bintix caters to Waste Management Services. The company’s target market is individual households present in major Indian cities. With the unique amalgamation of the latest technologies, numero uno customer service, and execution of jobs, recycling them and channelling them to other recycling centres in India, the company has the right mix required in sprucing up this age-old industry.

7) Breathe Applied Sciences -

The company is a startup based out of Bengaluru. It also received the prestigious National Award in 2021 from the TDB (Technology Development Board). Breathe Applied Sciences has developed a commercial solution involving the conversion of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) to usable chemicals, methanol, and fuels.

8) Caro Water –

Caro Water has a unique solution to eliminate the use of plastic bottles to supply/sell water. The company produces eco-friendly boxes using corrugated paper and the Bag in Box “BIB” system. To simplify the “BIB” system, the corrugated carton box surrounds a spout and a built-in tap for dispensing water. The boxes by Caro Water are tamper-proof and use 85% less plastic when compared with other plastic cans or bottles. They also provide Credit Points for future transactions to the customers who return the boxes so that they can be upcycled again.

9) Comepost –

Comepost is known for its efficacious Waste Management and Recycling Services. The company manufactures world-class waste management machines that are sustainable. Their services are economical and dished out using advanced technology. The company offers waste-pickup services for housing societies, hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes, and other locations across Mumbai that fall in the “bulk generators” category. The company encourages people with their motto to not “Waste their Waste.”

10) Craste –

The farmers still practice cheap and fast old ways of burning the stubble to clear the land for the next crop, thus causing Air Pollution, leading to lower AQI levels. Burning of Stubble from farmers gives rise to toxic clouds. Craste, a renowned Recycling Company in India, procures stubble from farmers at a reasonable price and crafts beautiful Furniture materials and Organic Packaging Materials using the stubble. The company has devised innovative techniques using multiple varieties of crop stubbles, including Paddy with high silica content. Their recycled products portfolio includes tree-free pulp required for Flexi Packaging, Moulded Pulp Products to replace Single-Use Plastic, and Formaldehyde-free Particle Boards that are widely used in Construction and Furniture.

11) Deluxe Recycling -

Deluxe (Deluxe Recycling Private Limited) is a leading Indian Plastic Recycling Company. The company mainly focuses on recycling the difficult MLPs (Multilayer Plastic) widely used as Sachets and Beverage Cartons. With their proprietary technology, the company transforms MLPs into recycled valuable products like Rickshaw Seats and Pallets at a large scale. The company's R&D department is developing new eco-friendly products, and the company is also expanding its production capacity.

12) Earth Tatva –

The company’s primary goal is to reduce the mining of Natural Resources by 60% and lower Energy Consumption. Earth Tatva recycles “fired ceramic waste” to produce eco-friendly, aesthetic, durable products using recycled ceramics.

13) Econscious –

Econscious is a start-up based out of Delhi with a social impact strategy as its core ideal. The company collects and upcycles plastic waste into public utility and gifting products, thus helping people reduce their Carbon footprints. The plastic waste is collected from Individual Households, Schools, and Industries. It is transformed into eco-friendly products like Pots, Planters, OPP (Outdoor Public Products) dustbins and Benches, and Office Supplies. The company strives to educate people to use Recycled and Upcycled Products, thus creating a “Zero-Waste Society.”

14) Eco Recycling –

Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) is India’s leading and the 1st professional E-Waste Management Company. The company has raised the Industry standards and benchmarks by implementing Innovative and Eco-Friendly E-Waste disposal practices. The company provides end-to-end E-waste management services and boasts of serving more than 1000 Corporations from its inception till date. A notable mention is that it is also the 1st company to be listed on BSE, a first from this industry vertical.

15) Ecovia –

The company is a clean-tech startup and leads the pack concerning “compostable packaging.” They turn clothing waste into sustainable packaging solutions, thus doing their bit to reduce landfills. Their eco-friendly packaging material serves as a healthy compost when discarded, thus leading to no environmental damage. Ecovia’s packaging products can be reused for a whopping 100 times.

16) Eco Credible Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

EcoCredible Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a mixed bag of recycling services and deals with e-waste recycling, Water Treatment Solutions, Waste Water Treatment Solutions, and Solid Waste Management. The company processes and treats domestic sewage, removes industrial effluents from water, and domestic and municipal solid waste, and processes obsolete/discarded/damaged electronic and electrical waste.

17) GEM Enviro Management -

GEM Enviro Management Limited is a leading WMA (Waste Management Agency) providing its clients with sustainability services like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Fulfillment encompassing all dry waste like Plastic, Battery, Tyre, and E-Waste.

18) Green Buddies –

Green Buddies is a company that has carved a niche for itself in the Recycling Industry. The company is into recycling upcycling Tyres, Oil Drums, Cable Drums, and other scrap materials to recreate Recycled Play Stations for Play Schools and Schools. Children are attracted to bright colours, and the company aims to up the ante of the physical, mental, intellectual, and social well-being of children by recycling non-degradable materials into fine pieces of play for children.

19) GSM Plastic Industries -

Based out of Belur Industrial Area, Dharwad, GSM Plastic Industries is championing Recycling Waste PET bottles. The company specialises in recycling post-consumer and post-industrial PET
bottle waste into PET Bales, Cold and Hot-washed PET Bottle Flakes, PET Resins, Recycled Engineering Plastic Pellets, Plastic Eco Bricks from MLP, r HDPE, r LDPE, r PP+PPCP Recycled Plastic Granules by implementing sustainable and ethical production practices, thus boosting the Plastic Circular Economy and saving the Environment from the hazardous effects of non-degradable Plastic.

20) Econiture –

Econiture (Recycle Bell Private Limited), also known as RE-BELL, aims to solve the problems faced in Urban Waste Management and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Its main operation is collecting dry waste materials, segregating them, and selling them to authorised recycling companies. The accumulated waste is recycled into new eco-friendly provides that boost the circular economy Its mainstay, “Econiture Furniture,” is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic obtained and processed using post-consumer plastic waste. This unique idea of Econiture helps reduce Deforestation and saves precious natural resources. They also don’t use non-organic colour pigments/dyes or chemicals in manufacturing.

21) HelpUsGreen –

HelpUsGreen works on the idea of “Sustainable Religion.” Huge quantities of floral waste are dumped in waters and dustbins. Using eco-friendly processes, the company manufactures unique Organic products that aptly fit the “Best Out of Waste” bill. The tones of floral waste (read Temple-Waste) are collected and turned into sustainable products. The company is into manufacturing Handmade Organic Biofertlisers, recycling/upcycling Organic Lifestyle Products like Aromatic Sticks, Festive Goods, and Organic Fertilisers, to name a few.

22) INDRA Water –

INDRA is into manufacturing decentralised water treatment systems for treating both domestic and industrial wastewater. Using its patented technology that involves Electrocoagulation, Electrochemical Oxidation, Two-phase solids separation, Disinfection, Distillation, and Pollutant Monitoring Hardware, It helps industries treat the wastewater quickly so that no industrial chemicals or effluents enter any water bodies in its surroundings.

23) JB Ecotex –

Regarding Plastic Recycling, one name that resonates is JB Ecotex. The company processes and recycles a whopping 6k tonnes or roughly 36 crore PET bottles per month and transforms them into Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre. This product is highly durable, eco-friendly, and gives excellent performance.

24) Kabadiwala –

The Kabadiwala is a Waste Collection Service provider, and they give a free service right at your doorstep. The company collects useless scraps, redundant, old scraps of all kinds and pays the giver. This accumulated waste is segregated and channelled to other authorised Recycling Companies that recycle/upcycle waste into eco-friendly products.

25) Loopworm –

Loopworm is a Recycling company that uses insect skins and droppings to make soil supplements with a high amount of rich and natural minerals that help restore soil quality. The company is also developing nutrition-filled pet food products using insect proteins. Their primary focus is on producing alternative sustainable protein and fats like Shrimp Feeds, Pet Foods, and Poultry Feeds.

26) Lucro -

The company recycles locally sourced plastic waste and recycles them into post-consumer recycled flexible packaging products like Stretch Wraps, Shring Wraps, Polybags, and other sustainable and flexible packaging to clients in FMCG, Retails, F&B, Automotive, and Electronic Industries alike, thus enhancing the Plastic Circular Economy. All of its products are 100% recyclable.

27) MuddleArt -

MuddeArt is a waste solutions company solely focusing on waste generated by the Textile Industry. It provides sustainable solutions for brands/manufacturers and recyclers/upcyclers to manage textile waste effectively. The textile waste is diverted from landfills and is processed at their unit, thus reducing the requirement for virgin fabric materials, carbon footprints, thus enhancing environment conservation.

28) Phool-

Phool is a Recycling Company that collects flower waste from Temples, Mosques, and the River Ganges. They term their recycling work as “Flowercycling.” The work involves women working with Phool, who collect floral temple waste daily and manufacture organic lifestyle products like Natural Incense Sticks, Organic Fertilisers, and Biodegradable Packaging Materials.

29) Paperman –

Paperman is a digital marketplace that provides an online platform for waste recycling. It helps connect buyers like local paperman or Kabadiwalas who collect waste bottles, old newspapers, plastic covers, and other scrap materials with the sellers. It helps in waste management and curbs unnecessary littering and overflowing garbage bins in the locality.

30) PadCare Labs -

PadCare Lab's patented technology has helped the company create a unique process aptly called (Menstrual Hygiene Management) that recycles used sanitary napkins. Its work involves the collection of used sanitary napkins and processing them. It is a Fem-Tech platform that helps achieve goals related to sustainable development and the wellness of the Female workforce. The company has developed and deployed an eco-friendly waste collection and disposal system to ensure the used pads don't enter landfills or incinerators. The sanitary pads are transformed into residual compounds used in manufacturing paper and other recycled products.

31) PolyCycl –

PolyCycl has a patented technology that enables the recycling of low-grade plastics and transforming them into industrial blendstocks and chemical feedstocks using a fully continuous pyrolysis process. It mainly focuses on the waste products that are hard to recycle. The plastic extracted from landfills is converted into Hydrocarbon Oils used by Global Petro industries to manufacture virgin plastic and other circular economy products.

32) RaddiConnect –

The company deals with Waste Management and offers a free doorstep pickup of waste for Households, Offices, Institutions, and Schools to dispose of their collected recyclable waste. The accumulated waste is then circulated to authorised recycling companies.

33) RecycleX –

RecycleX manufactures 100% recyclable, sustainable construction products like Paver Blocks, Bricks, Planters, Tiles, Kerbstones, Benches, and many others from plastic waste like PET bottles and Milk pouches. The manufacturing process is totally carbon-negative. They have a unique concept wherein the company has planned to plant a tree when a product is sold. The company also takes up Community Projects and builds toilets in rural areas without access to safe toilets using their eco-friendly construction products.

34) Recycling Villa –

The company is actively involved in countrywide Waste Management. The company collects Waste materials, furniture, and E-waste from Colleges and universities, MNCs, BPOs, Industries, Hospitals, Banks, and other sectors. The accumulated waste is repaired, refurbished, and then sold. The company also helps organisations dispose of their E-Waste that is beyond repair properly and scientifically.

35) Recyteq –

The company started with a unique idea that involves converting human hair into Nitrogenous Fertilisers by extracting proteins and nitrogen from human hair. Urban Gardeners and Farmers alike can use it. The fertiliser can be sprayed as a plant booster on flowering plants, fruit plants, and hydrophonic plants. The company is building a digital ecosystem to collect waste hair from Saloons, process it, and sell the converted product through e-commerce platforms.

36) Rexaw Recycling –

The company has leapt forward using advanced technology and now recycles Plastic, Tetra- Packs, Paper, Aseptic Packaging Laminated Paper, Used Oil, Steel, and Washing Drums. A notable mention is that the Asceptic Laminated Packaging Materials and other recyclables are recycled and transformed into Rexaw Chip-boards used in furniture-making.

37) Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. –

Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. is a leading waste management company in India with a set goal to treat and nullify any threats arising from Solid Waste Management, ranging from General Waste to infectious Bio-Medical Waste. The company serves more than 8000 hospitals across India. Their fleet of 120 vehicles traverses almost 15,000 km daily collecting waste and stopping the hazardous waste from entering landfills or incinerators that can add up to the
already alarming pollution levels.

38) Saahas Zero Waste –

The company is a Socio-Environmental enterprise working in the Waste Management vertical. Saahas Zero Waste provides customised waste management solutions to bulk waste generators like Residential Complexes, Hotels, Educational Instituitions, Technology Parks, and others, thus curbing the addition of waste materials to landfills. The collected waste is transformed into Upcycled Textile Products, Apparel, Roofing Sheets, Clipboards, Stationary Products, and many other recycled products.

39) Shayna EcoUnified –

The company is converting plastic waste into Recycled, affordable structural materials like Panels, Tiles, Furniture, and Mobile Toilets. This initiative helps reduce the steady dumping of plastic waste materials into landfills, assisting Nature to heal and provide a Greener Environment for future generations.

40) Samudhyoga Waste Chakra –

The company is a clean tech company that derives valuable circular economy out of waste. With Waste Management at its core, the company is devising unique waste management solutions for Organisations and Municipal Corporations. The company has developed a product, “Ecofert,” that recovers green chemicals and water from undiluted urine.

41) Spas Recycling -

The company is one of the top Recycling Companies in India. It has garnered authorisation from the Ministry of Environment and Forest, and the Pollution Control Board. Spas Recycling works in E-Waste Recycling, Battery Scrap Recycling, Metal Scrap Recycling, and Hazardous Waste Disposal.

42) The Shakthi Plastic Industries –

The company is leading the Waste Management Industry since its inception in 1969. The ShaktiPlastic Industries specialises in recycling all types of post-consumer plastic waste, manufacturing
Recycled Plastic Granules and other eco-friendly Industrial and Sustainable Consumer Products.

43) TrashCon Labs -

The company has built a unique technology that overcomes the hurdle of segregating waste. TrashCon Lab's unique technology can automatically segregate the unsegregated waste stockpile into Non Bio-Waste and Bio-Waste. The segregated Bio-Waste materials are recycled into Bio-Gas and Manure. On the other hand, Non-Bio-Waste is recycled into Interlocking Tiles, Plastic Roads, Oil, Recycled Sheets that can be used instead of Plywoods, and furniture like Tables, Chairs, and Racks to name a few.

44) Zerocircle –

The company is a developer of Bio-Alternatives to convert waste into Sustainable Packaging Materials. Zerocircle mainly harvests seaweed from oceans to manufacture sustainable packaging materials, thus working towards a carbon-neutral future.

To Sum it All

Above listed are some of the Prominent and Notable Recycling Organisations in India that are championing the cause for a Greener future. We all should join hands and opt for Biodegradable, Recycled/Upcycled products to contribute towards a more extensive agenda of Green Earth. UpCycleLuxe always strives to reduce carbon footprints by providing a digital platform for manufacturers/designers shelling out Organic Clothes, Organic Accessories, and Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Products. We don’t use Plastic Packaging and feel proud to state that we are a carbon-neutral company.

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