Finest Earth- Friendly Cafes and Organic Restaurants in India

Are you planning to switch from mundane daily routines to eco-friendly practices to save Mother Earth? Then why refrain from including Organic Food in your diet? Food is “Manna” to your body and well-being. It is a due season to explore and inculcate ecologically conscious food habits at your abode and also by eating out at Earth-Friendly Cafes or Organic Restaurants.

The Restaurant and Hospitality industry is witnessing a giant leap toward environmental sustainability and Organic culture, and it is time you do it, too. Many people today follow sustainability practices and low-waste living. Making place and adopting Organic Food in your lifestyle will be the most suitable option for your Health and Body.

1. What is Organic Food?

Organic Food, also called “Green Meal,” is cooked/manufactured using Organic Vegetables and Naturally occurring ingredients. The ingredients, farm produce, meat/poultry, are all cultivated without using any synthetic fertilisers, toxic pesticides, artificial food, or mass-gaining injections/medicines for livestock. It is prepared using everything Organic, the same way Organic Clothing and sustainable Slow Fashion products/accessories are manufactured.

To cut things short, Organic Food Restaurants amplifies Sustainable Farm and Livestock Produce sourcing, Waste Reduction, developing Innovative eco-friendly interiors and decors for Earth-Friendly Restaurants, and contributes to Renewable Energy. It exemplifies clean and healthy eating.

2. The List

Everybody faces a dilemma when one wants to try something new in their city or when travelling. No worries, UpCycleLuxe's List of Earth-Friendly Cafes and Organic Restaurants in India will wipe out your dilemma. Remarkable eco-friendly restaurants are earmarked in this article, keeping in mind the accessibility and sustainable practices.

Join us on this expedition of convergence of some truly organic, delectable flavours, Earth-Friendly, Low Waste Cafes that strictly practice Sustainability and Green Eating. Without whaling time, let us explore India's finest Earth-friendly Cafes and Organic Restaurants that provide an environmentally-conscious
fine dining experience.

Here are eco-friendly restaurants in India to start with:

2.1 Earth-Friendly Restaurants in Bengaluru

  • California Burrito, Bengaluru

Hailing from Bengaluru, this Organic Café has a strict policy of “No Microwave” and “No Preservatives” using the farm-to-table concept. Various Mexican dishes like Nachos, Burritos, Mexican Salads, Tacos, Rice Bowls, and many more are prepared using Organic Vegetables and Ingredients sourced from local Organic Farms. Your tastebuds will be treated to Organic Mexican Food, which is Healthy, Simple, and provides a Wholesome foodgasm experience.

Locale: Has more than 2 outlets across Bengaluru

  • Eat Raja

This unique Earth-Friendly Juice Bar in Bengaluru practices a Zero-Waste policy and serves Natural and Refreshing Juices in Fruit Shells. RJ Raja, a former RJ turned entrepreneur, ideated this Juice Bar, and it is the most preferred hangout for Environmentalists and Health Buffs alike. Sustainable products like Reusable Steel Straws, Paper Straws, Straws manufactured using fallen Banana Leaves, Bamboo straws, and Wheat Paste Straws are used instead of Plastic Straws.

Locale: No. 321/2, Sampige Road, 14th cross, Next to Saibaba temple, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

  • Forgotten Food & Detox Café

The GreenPath Restaurant, located in the heart of Bengaluru, houses Forgotten Food and Detox Café and serves mouth-watering and healthy Organic Vegetarian Cuisines. Delicacies from all parts of India are prepared using 100% Organic Farm produce. They are an Organic Restaurant that serves everything from Organic Soups, Delicious Organic Sandwiches, Traditional Organic Dishes, and Savouries.

Their main goal is to promote Healthy and Sustainable eating habits by dishing out fresh and nutritious food.

Locale: No. 185/,1 Opp To Metro Station, Rajeev Gandhi Circle, Sampige Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

  • Go Native

Go Native is an Eco-Friendly Restaurant that is worthy of its title. Using Solar Power and harvested Rainwater, it offers farm-to-table Organic Vegetarians meals. Their menu includes Vegan, Gluten Free, Keto-Specific, Low/High Protein, and Jain-Friendly lip-smacking Organic Dishes. This Organic Restaurant in Bengaluru promotes Nature Walks, Fun Events, and Interactive Workshops at their premises. A must-try is their delicious Whole-Wheat Pizza and Vegan Ice Cream that is drool-worthy.

Locale: Has more than 2 outlets across Bengaluru

  • Green Theory

If you are craving Organic Global Vegetarian fare, Green Theory is the Earth-Friendly Restaurant to vouch for. Nestled amongst lush greenery with a colonial Bohemian-style setting, this Organic Restaurant offers 100% Organic Food inspired by cuisines from around the globe. They practice the “Farm to Fork” method wherein they source fresh farm produce and Natural Ingredients from local Organic Farms and small vendors to dish out delectable Organic Dishes.

Locale: Green Theory, 15, Convent Road, Shanthala Nagar, Richmond Town, Bengaluru

2.2 Earth-Friendly Cafe in Chennai

  • Green Café – The Organic Veg Restaurant

Green Café serves authentic Organic South-Indian cuisine that is tasty, wholesome, and nutritious. The dishes here are prepared using Organic Vegetables and Pulses sourced locally from Organic Farms in and around Chennai. The calm and green environment provides customers flocking to this Organic Restaurant peace and a soothing effect on their minds and souls. It adds nutritional value to your body.

Locale: Crescent Park St (Near Natesan Park), T Nagar, Chennai

2.3 Organic Restaurants in Delhi, and Delhi NCR

  • For Earth's Sake

An Earth-Friendly Café and Bakery with a taste, the name defines it all. This Organic Café is famous for its eclectic selection of locally sourced Coffees and plethora of Healthy Organic Savouries and Bakery products. The café also doubles as a Recycled Stationery and Organic Skincare Products store. You get a free plant seed at the ferrule for every Recycled Pencil you buy. If this isn't cool enough, they follow a strict “Zero-Waste” policy and can also be termed
“Zero-Plastic Café.”

Locale: SF-07, 10, I floor, Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Sector 28, Gurugram

  • Greenr Café

This Organic Eatery serves an array of Vegetarian and Vegan Foods, ensuring that all the farm produce is organic. They uphold their passion for “conscious dining” by dishing out tantalizingly tasty and healthy Organic Vegetarian dishes, thus contributing to human and our planet’s well-being. They strictly utilise biodegradable materials, which helps lower the carbon footprint, one customer at a time.


  1. 4, Market, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
  2. N - 4, N block Market, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi
  3. 32nd Avenue, Sector 15 Part 2, Sector 15, Gurugram
  4. PS: They have an outlet in Mumbai at 57/116, Drego House, Pali Naka, Dr Ambedkar Rd, Bandra West
  • Navdanya Organic Slow Food Restaurant And Shop

This Organic Restaurant serves delicious Vegetarian dishes. You get everything from tasty Organic Millet Dosas, Rajma (Kidney Beans), Sprout Raitas, Organic Vegetable Salads, Buckwheat Dosas, Idlis, and other fun Organic Veg Food. The experience doesn’t end here, as they have an Organic store where you can purchase Organic Mustard Seed Oil, Organic Rice, Organic Spices, and Organic Pulses. It is worth paying a visit.

Locale: Dilli Haat, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Opposite INA Market, New Delhi

  • OMO Soul Food Community

This Earth-Friendly Café plates up nutritious and flavoursome Organic Vegetarian Food that can be paired with Single-Estate Coffee or Healthy Fresh Juices. It caters to a woke palate that craves Healthy Vegetarian Food cooked with Organic Fresh Farm Produce and Seasonal Produce.

Locale: Second floor, Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Sector 28, Gurugram

2.4 Earth-Friendly Café in Jaipur

  • Anokhi Café – Jaipur

This Earth-Friendly Café in Jaipur started humbly by serving homemade cakes, South Indian Coffee, Chai (Tea), and Nimbu Pani (Lime Water). It gained popularity with the locals and even tourists flocking to this restaurant. Now based out of a new setting, Anokhi Café offers Vegetarian Dishes, freshly baked loaves of bread, Vegan and gluten-free biscuits, and even prepared according to their Dietary Choices food products. The organic produce is grown organically at the Anokhi Farm, plucked, cooked, and served fresh.

Locale: 2nd floor, KK Square, Prithviraj Rd, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

2.5 Organic Restaurants and Cafes in Kolkata

  • Mystic Yoga Café

This Organic Café operates out of a Yoga studio. It has a soothing ambience and plates up Fresh Organic Food, Healthy Juices, and Smoothies. They have put a fridge on display, where customers can choose Fresh Vegetables and Fruits for their order. The customers can watch their order being cooked in the Open Kitchen, using their selected Organic Farm produce and ingredients.

Locale: 40/1, Purna Das Road, Triangular Park, lake Terrace, Gariahat, Kolkata

  • The Yellow Straw, Kolkata

This Juice and Food Point is Kolkata’s first and biggest Juice Bar chain serving a range of Fresh Fruit Juices, Cold Pressed Juices, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Salads, Fruit Sundaes, and healthy quick bites. They never use artificial flavours/colours and preservatives in their different Juices and Quick bites. Only 100% Organic and Fresh Fruits/Vegetables are used.

Locale: More than 2 outlets across Kolkata

  • Ubuntu Eat

This eco-friendly restaurant in Kolkata has an array of sinful grubs paired with abundant vegan options. They are a purely “Plant-Based” restaurant and have crafted real-good unique dishes using organic farm produce. All their dishes are tasty, nutritious, pocket-friendly, and packed/wrapped using eco-friendly packaging.

Locale: 603/1B Block 'O', New Alipore 3rd right, opposite to Hindustan Sweets, Kolkata

2.6 Organic Restaurants in Mumbai

  • Birdsong Organic Café

It is well-known and is one of the favoured places for Organic Food in Mumbai. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Non-Veg and Veg delicacies using only Organic Farm and Livestock produce. They use Jaggery instead of Sugar, add no Preservatives, and only use Organic Vegetables and Livestock produce to cook mouth-watering dishes and desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Locale: Jenu Jenai, off. Hill Road, Shop No. 1-5, Waroda Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai.

  • Banyan Tree Cafe

Drawing inspiration from the huge banyan tree, this Earth-Friendly Restaurant constitutes a harmonious balance of healthy eating and a soothing environment to relish your Organic meal. Their menu changes seasonally, and every farm produce used is fresh. It is cultivated on their terrace garden and at the farm they have adopted in Karjat.

Locale: 7, 9, Calicut Rd, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai

  • Nude Food Cafe

This pleasing Earth-Friendly Café has aesthetic interiors that create a pleasant environment, and their delicious Continental cuisine ups the ante. They source fresh farm produce and livestock for cooking, serve them in Earth-Friendly Cutlery, and have adopted eco-friendly delivery mechanisms. They have vowed right at the time of their Organic Restaurants inception to do away with food waste to reduce the pressure of landfills. The kitchen scraps are also turned into

Locale: 364 Dhuru Lodge, Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rd, Dadar West, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

  • Plural Restaurant

With a Boho-chic ambience serving Southeast Asian cuisine, this Earth-Friendly Restaurant keeps food-centric sustainability as its core function. They source high-quality farm produce from local farmers, reuse tossed-out vegetables, and trimmed scraps to cook vegetable stock. They even repurpose the scrapped citrus fruit peels into cordials for cocktails.

Locale: Jai Hind Building, Nanik Motwani Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

  • Sequel

Sequel is proud to be a truly Organic Restaurant and applies the “farm-to-fork” concept. It is a Vegan-friendly restaurant that promotes holistic living by serving clean, wholesome, healthy, and delectable food using fresh organic farm produce. All the recipes plated at Sequel are completely Gluten-Free, free of Sugar or any Additives.


  1. Shop No.2, Solace, 33rd Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai
  2. Ground Floor, Upadrastha House, Dr. VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai
  3. Ground Floor, Unit B-102, ONE BKC, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai
  • The Pantry

Located in South Mumbai, this Earth-Friendly Bakery cum Café serves delicacies made using fresh farm produce sourced locally. They use Paper Straws to slurp Drinks and Paper bags for parcels if needed. Their delicious food is packed in sustainable food-grade containers made from Bagasse and Cornstarch.

Locale: Ground Floor, Yeshwant Chambers, Military Square Lane, Kala Ghoda, Near HDFC Bank, Fort, Mumbai

  • Yogisattva

Yogisattva is entirely a Plant-Based Restaurant. This “Farm-to-Table” Restaurant sources fresh Organic Farm produce from nearby farmers in Maharashtra. This way, it enhances “community-supported agriculture” and dishes delicacies that ensure a healthy dining experience.

Locale: 7th Floor, Pinnacle House 15th Road, Khar Pali Rd, next to Pawan Heightz, Mumbai

2.7 Earth-Friendly Restaurant in Ooty

  • Place to Bee, Ooty

This Earth-Friendly Restaurant fuses slow food and the literary concept of “Bee Conservatory” into one. The amalgamation of Italian cuisine, unique farm-to-table concept, and immaculate service make it the best place to eat in Ooty. This eco-sensitive slow food café sources veggies and ingredients required locally. It is housed in the Keystone Foundation’s Bee Museum, provides knowledge about bees, and dishes out their eponymous honey-focused dishes.

Locale: 176/A, Club Road, near Hill Bunk, Ooty

2.8 Organic Cafe in Rishikesh

  • Ramana’s Organic Café, Rishikesh

Situated in Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home, this seasonal Earth-Friendly Café serves delectable Organic Meals using fresh vegetables from their Organic Farm. Their Organic menu includes fresh-baked goods, homemade soups, salads and vegetables, and many other dishes. All the profit is utilised for the Children’s home. 

PS: This Earth-Friendly Organic Café operates only for 6 months during the Tourist season, from mid-October to mid-March.

Locale: Laxman Jhula Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

To Plate it Up

Organic restaurants are increasing in India by the day, serving a plethora of different global cuisines. The Organic Food industry has grown significantly in the last two decades. They are evolving daily and amalgamating old and new sustainable practices to make humans and our planets healthier one plate at a time.

UpCycleLuxe, a digital marketplace, brings onboard designers and manufacturers dealing in Organic Clothing, Organic Accessories, Organic Nutritional products, and everything Organic. We are proud of this Organic Revolution and pledge to support it for future generations.



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