Significant benefits of Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets

Sleep is vital to the human body, and there are certain environmental conditions like Noise, Temperature, Light, and Electronic distractions, the significant one being “Bed Comfort,” that can disturb your sleep. Why not switch to Organic Bedding like Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets for better sleep leading to better health?!

Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets offer a whole host of benefits. They help you sleep better, thus ultimately leading to a sound mind and body.

1. What Is Organic Bedding?

“Bedding” is a term used for Bedsheets and Blankets collectively. The bedsheets or bed linen are spread on the bed, and blankets are used to cover your body. Conventional Beddings contain harsh chemicals, pesticides, and harmful cleaners. Whereas Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets are up to 95% devoid of harmful chemicals, the raw materials, like crops needed, are cultivated with minimal or no chemical fertilisers, toxic pesticides, or harmful colours/dyes.

The most common types of Organic Bedding are manufactured using Organic Cotton and Organic Wool. It is evolving, and now you also get Organic Bedsheets manufactured using Organic Herbs as dyes like the “The Organic Livings - The Queen Of Protective Herbs Turmeric Bedsheet.” It is handcrafted using Organic Cotton, 4 types of turmeric, and 65 other medicinal herbs used in the dyeing process.

2. Most common Organic Fabrics used in Organic Bedsheets and Organic

  • Organic Cotton Bedsheet and Organic Cotton Blankets

As the name gives it out, this type of Organic Cotton is grown Organically, following the set rules. All-natural seeds are used, and natural fertilisers are used instead of chemical ones. The Organic Cotton fabric is softer than its counterpart as no harsh chemicals are used.

  • Organic Wool Bedding

Organic Wool Bedsheets and Blankets are manufactured using Organic Wool that comes from sheep reared and fed on pastures that are free of pesticides. Organic Feed is fed to the sheep to keep them healthy so that they can be sheared for Quality Organic Wool, devoid of any pesticides, chemical dyes/colours, toxic cleansers, or bleaches.

3. How to Know if Bedding Is Organic?

When you shop for Organic Bedsheets or Blankets online in India or at a physical Organic store, you should check for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. To avail of this certification, the said Organic Bedding should consist of 95% Organic Fabric wherein a list of harsh chemicals are prohibited, like flame retardants and harmful colour/dyes. The remaining 5% should also maintain these protocols and set rules for manufacturing Organic Beddings.

Now let us learn more about the benefits and why to buy Organic Bedsheets, Organic Blankets, and other Organic Bedding.

4. Benefits of Organic Beddings

  • Helps With Sensitive Skin and Allergies

Every human has a different skin type, especially the skin of babies and growing kids, and is sensitive to some fabrics. Switching to Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets will help you and benefit your kids with a good night’s sleep that safeguards the skin from any side effects like rashes and allergies. One such Organic Bedding for tiny tots is Organic Fuzzy Bear Baby Blanket by GREENDIGO. The Organic Bedding products are free from common irritants, are
hypoallergenic, and curb mould and dust mite accumulations. Thus, you can bid goodbye to coughing and sneezing when you wake up.

  • Soft and Comfortable

One of the finest benefits of organic bedsheets and organic blankets is their softness and comfort. The fibres used in handcrafting or machine manufacturing these Organic Fabric products are treated gentler, thus rendering the Organic Bedding naturally softer. No rough finishes or harsh chemicals are used to treat the fabric, which positively impacts your overall sleep health.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Since the Organic Bedding products are manufactured using Organic Cotton or Organic Wool fabrics, this factor makes them eco-friendly and sustainable. Organic Bedsheets and Blankets are 100% Natural and Biodegradable. This aspect reduces the looming problems of Plastic Pollution or Piling up of Landfills in our Lands or Oceans.

  • Durable and Resilient

Apart from being cozy and soft, the Organic Beddings lasts for a more extended period. Due to its composition of naturally strong Organic Fibres, it is incredibly durable. It can withstand continuous use without any problem of easy wear and tear. Organic fibres derived from Organic Wool or Cotton are flexible and have high elasticity as they are cultivated and reared without harmful fertilisers and fed with pesticide-laden pastures. An interesting fact is that You can bend Organic Wool for a whopping 20,000 or more times without them tearing.

  • Temperature-Regulating

Organic Fabrics encourage ample airflow and enhance ventilation. This phenomenon helps the body absorb moisture and evaporation and, in turn, helps your body stay cool and dry while sleeping. Synthetic materials don’t allow ample air circulation, thus making the bedsheets or blankets not breathable and failing to maintain the ideal temperature required throughout the night compared to Organic Bedsheets and Blankets.

  • Easy to Clean

Investing in Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets is wise, as it saves your precious time, money, and water as they are machine washable and don’t need to be dry cleaned. Due to it being cultivated in an Organic Fashion, it is naturally resistant to odours and stains, and you don’t need to wash it often.

Try UpCycleLuxe for Organic Bedsheets and Organic Blankets Today

Now that you are in the loop with the crucial benefits of Organic Bedding products like Organic Bedsheets, Organic Duvets, Organic Pillows, Organic Mattresses, and Organic Comforters, to name a few, why not make the much-needed switch from Non-Organic to Organic? It is Safer and Healthier for You and Mother Earth.

UpcycleLuxe unites Organic Products manufacturers and Organic Handcrafters on a single digital platform. You can take a tour of the various Organic products ranging from Sustainable Fashion products to Organic Nutrition & Healthcare products. Visit our website to explore Organic Bedsheets, Organic Blankets for a better sleeping environment, and other Sustainable Fashion products for Men, Women, and Kids.

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