Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts

Come December and it's that time of the year again when people exchange gifts. Yes, we are talking about Christmas and New Year's Day wherein we will usher into 2024. It is written on the wall that no celebration is complete without gifts. When you have, or you are about to make a list of  "Resolutions" for 2024, it will do a world of good to you, the beneficiary, and our beautiful Planet Earth when you prefer giving Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts and Sustainable
New Year's gifts.

Gifting needs meticulous planning that involves the relationship with recipients, their likes, social status, needs, occasions, and milestones, to name a few. The adrenaline rush and heightened excitement are what you experience when you are opening a gift. At times, it can be a dampener, as you might already have that particular product or accessory with you. You may gift that particular gift received to another recipient, and the cycle continues.

There is a new concept of gifts called "Green Gifts" that is trending, and it includes Upcycled Eco-Friendly Gifts and Recycled Organic Gifts that are fit for any festivals, occasions, and other celebrations. You might be wondering why YOU should switch to giving "Green Gifts" Well, you will find your answer below:

  • Green Gifts are Recycled/Upcycled or made with Organic raw materials.
  • Suitable for the recipient and our Planet, as no chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Cuts the Carbon Footprints.
  • Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable.
  • Green Packaging solutions are used in place of Plastic packaging.

Now that we know the importance of Sustainable Gifts, let's move ahead to the crux of our article:

Best Sustainable Gifts to Buy for Him this Christmas and New Year's Eve

"Him" can be your Father, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, and even Best Friend. Giving gifts to your beloved "Him" is a way to express your feelings, gratitude, respect, and infinite love. It not only strengthens the relationship that you share with him but also makes him feel special. Without wasting time, let's explore the Best Sustainable Green Gifts to buy for Him this Christmas and New Year's Eve.

1. Sustainable Sunglasses and Frames

1.1 Hand-crafted Bromma Sunglass by Sasha Wear Private Limited

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

These eco-friendly Sunglasses come with an American Walnut Wood frame that is sourced through environmentally sustainable means. You can get to see the neat finishing and details that are handcrafted by skilled artisans. It is sleek, elegant, and a timeless classic, thus adding to the oomph factor. American Walnut Wood, TAC Polarised 100% UV-protected lenses and Zero VOC paints are used to craft these Sustainable Sunglasses for Men.

1.2 Hand-crafted Walong Sunglass by Sasha Wear Private Limited

Sustainable Sunglasses

This Walong Sunglass is inspired by the very distinctive orange-coloured stones that are found on the river Lohith, hence the Orange colour for the TAC Polarised and 100% UV Protected Lens. The frame is handcrafted with American Walnut Wood sourced ethically, Zero VOC Paints for the Eco-Friendly wooden frame, and best fits Men with broader faces. This is the best Green Gift for Him to jazz up any outing.

2. Mugs

2.1 Loop Mug by NITARA

Sustainable Mugs

This Sustainable Coffee Mug is made with recycled ceramic and comes in a Starry Grey colour. The fun loop handle gives it a funky look, and your man can enjoy his coffee in style.

2.2 Milly Mug

Eco-Friendly Mugs

This Eco-Friendly Milly Mug Stoneware is Mossy Green in colour and is manufactured using recycled Ceramics. Its unique design and appealing green earthy colour make it the best Sustainable Coffee Mug gift for Him to savour coffee.

3. Sustainable Jackets

3.1 Ezra Bomber by DOODLAGE

Sustainable Men's Bomber Jacket

The Ezra Bomber Jacket is a purely Upcycled Jacket made using factory waste. The waste fabrics are collected, cleaned thoroughly without using any harmful chemical cleaning agents, and panelled to create a Multi-Coloured Urban patchwork style. It is part of a Limited Edition collection, so hurry and buy this Uber-funky Sustainable Jacket for Him online in India.

3.2 David Khaloom Jacket by DOODLAGE

Handcrafted Men's Jacket

This Upcycled Sustainable Casual Jacket comes with Full Sleeves and a chic Notch Collar. Made using leftover Recycled Cotton Fabric from their unit, Doodlage ensures nothing goes to waste. The similar patchwork of each piece is made to maintain the overall appeal of the style. This multi-coloured patchwork Jacket adds glamour to anything that it is sported along with.

3.3 Handcrafted Lafaani Basic Jacket

Eco-Friendly Men's Jacket

This Kora-coloured Khadi Denim Jacket is made of 100% Organic Cotton fibre and Natural materials and is not dyed or bleached. Its details, like notch lapel, flap pockets, reversible and detachable sleeve belts, and one side adorned with Kantha style embroidery stitches, make it ethically and ethnically fashionable. The fabric is spun using the Ambar Charkha, woven by hand using traditional weaving techniques, and is naturally dyed. The best Sustainable Gift for Him to buy that not only looks or feels Earthy but is suitable for Earth and also trendy.

3.4 The Terra Tribe Tencel Twill Tokya Worker Jacket by THE TERRA TRIBE

Sustainable Men's Jacket

Inspired by “Street Style”, this oversized Sustainable Vegan/Plant Jacket is made using 100% Tencel and recycled metal trims. This Eco-Friendly Men’s jacket is naturally dyed using plant extracts. It features two oversized pockets and a collar for an urbane look and is a PETA-approved brand. One of the best Sustainable Jackets for Him that you can buy online in India for this Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and he will surely be happy.

4. Non Leather Wallets

4.1 Vegan Leather Slim Wallet in Cool Grey by WhiteFire

Men's Vegan Leather Wallet

This featured wallet is made using Vegan faux Leather. This slim wallet is light, stylish and worthy enough to hold your cards and cash. This Sustainable Vegan Wallet for Men comes with 2 compartments on either side, and one card slot, and it will be the best organic gift that you can give him this festive season.

4.2 Vegan Coconut Leather Classic Men’s Wallet – Brown by MOLIK

Coconut Leather Wallet

This classic Sustainable Men’s Wallet is traditionally handcrafted using compostable Coconut Leather and replete with Organic Cotton lining. It comes equipped with 8 slots for cards and 2 pockets for cash. A must-buy for him as a gift this festive season.

4.3 Xisha Wallet (Madder) by RITI

Non Leather Wallet for Men

A stunning fact is that this Sustainable Men's Wallet is made using naturally grown Madder Roots and India's numero uno bio-composite material, "Malai" Ideally Organic and a suitable Green gift for him this Christmas or for New Year's Eve 2024.

5. Laptop covers

5.1 Scrapshala Handloom Textile Upcycled Timeless Charcha Office Laptop Bag

Eco-Friendly Handloom Laptop Bag

This Upcycled Laptop Bag is handcrafted using old newspapers that are Upcycled and skillfully handcrafted by local artisans of Varanasi. It exudes style, and versatility and boldly gives out a conscious style statement. It is designed with perfection to hold a Laptop, Charger, Files, Phone, and Diary all in one place, thus making it an exemplary Sustainable Gift for Him this Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2024.

5.2 Mix Mitti Simba Canvas Laptop Sleeve

Plastic Free Laptop Skin

A beautiful Laptop case coupled with a Magnetic Flap Cover and additional Pocket inside makes it the best Sustainable Gift for Him that you can buy online in India. This chic-looking, Eco-Friendly Laptop Sleeve is handcrafted by skilled artisans using fabrics made of Cork. It is one of the best Vegan and Eco-Friendly fabrics in vogue today. With a high-quality print of a Lion in the jungles of Masai Mara, Kenya, this laptop is worth buying as a gift for its durability, style, and bold conscious style statement.

6. Formal Shoes

6.1 Vegan Leather The Walker Loafers by Ethik

Vegan Leather Loafers

This beauty is 100% Vegan and is made using Organic Microfibres. If you are planning to gift a Vegan Loafer to him, then your search ends here. The Loafers are ethically crafted, well-built, comfortable, and cushioned. Designed to fit perfectly and walk around in all day, this makes it the Sustainable Formal Shoes to buy for Him.

6.2 Vegan Leather Semi-Formal Mule Shoes by Ethik

Vegan Leather Shoe for Men

These handcrafted semi-formal Vegan Mule Shoes are overbearingly stylish and suitable for his feet. It can be worn for weddings and also goes well with semi-formal attire. Made with Vegan Microfibres, this stunning pair of shoes will help craft a unique conscious style statement and the best Sustainable Gift to give this festive season.


With Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner, we can all agree that this is a season of gifting. Giving and receiving gifts play an essential role in any relationship, which helps strengthen the bonds, create good, everlasting memories, and boost overall well-being. So this gifting season, make a switch to giving Sustainable Gifts for Him and be the change needed to reduce landfills and pollution.

All of the featured Green Gifts above are available on UpCycleLuxe. This domineering digital marketplace hosts renowned and upcoming brands that craft Organic Products. From Organic Clothing to Zero-Waste products, our online e-commerce platform has it all. Hop on to our website and buy the Best Sustainable Gifts for Him this Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2024 online in India.


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