Best Sustainable Gifts to buy for Her this Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Gifting has been a part of human civilization from time immemorial. There are signs carved on neo-lithic rocks that show signs of gift giving. Our ancestors, like the “Cavemen,” used to gift animal teeth, unusually shaped rocks, ornaments, ancient tools, and many others to fortify social connection and show their appreciation to the receiver, especially females. In one form or another, the gifts given can be termed “Green Gifts” or “Sustainable Gifts” as they are all
natural and organic.

The gifts today have become more decorative, advanced, and elaborate as the social structures have developed. Gifting electronic products like Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Clothing, Ornaments, Jewellery, Accessories, and Beauty and Skin Care products is very common today. It is not at all wrong as they are part and parcel of daily life. But also think about it this way: when you gift a Laptop, the latest Mobile Phone, Clothing, or any Gadget, the old one is generally
discarded. This leads to the piling of landfills and e-waste. But, there are means through which you can discard these products ethically, so keep the gifting culture on.

When you think production-wise, a lot of energy and resources are utilised in manufacturing the most common gifts like electronics and ornaments. This adds up to the already rising Pollution levels. There is an option of giving “Sustainable Gifts” like Organic Clothing for Women, Organic Accessories, Organic Beauty and Skincare products for Women, to name a few, which you can gift along with the others and be a catalyst towards saving the environment.

1. Why buy Sustainable Gifts for Women?

Women play a vital role in our lives as a Mother, doting Wives, Girlfriend, Best Friends, and also as Office colleagues. So it is paramount to gift them the best gifts possible, keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. Other than run-of-the-mill gifts that are common, You can make a difference by showering them with gifts like Organic Dresses, Organic Lip Care Balm, Organic Handbags and Clutches, and many others that fall in the “Sustainable Gifts for Women” category.

A quick refresher on the benefits of “Sustainable Gifts” or “Green Gifts”:

  • Manufactured or Handcrafted using Organic Raw Materials
  • Skin Friendly
  • Low Impact on the Environment
  • Recycled/Upcycled
  • No Plastic substances or harmful Chemicals are used

With a host of benefits for Skin, Looks, and the Environment, giving “Sustainable Gifts for Her” this Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the wisest thing to do. You need not worry or be confused as to what gift to choose, as we have you covered.

2. Best Sustainable Gifts to buy for Her this Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Now that you have a broader idea about the benefits of “Sustainable Gifts,” allow us to take You on a tour to select the Best Green Gifts for Her this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

3. Makeup or Beauty Care Products

3.1 Anour Pocket Friendly Hamper

Applying Makeup or Beauty Care products is a common thing nowadays, so why not gift the best Organic Beauty Care Hamper for her containing Organic Skin and Beauty Care products like 1 Mud Pie Clay mask, 1 Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume, and 1 Yummy Berry Lip Scrub. One small hamper with tons of goodness. Trust us, she will love it.

3.2 Anour Travel Kit

If your significant other loves to travel or has to travel due to work, then this is the best Organic Travel Kit for Her that you can gift this Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It comes packed with 1 Organic Lip Balm, 1 Organic Lip Scrub, 1 Organic Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume, 1 Aloe Glaze (Aloe Vera) Gel, 1 Green Tea Slush Scrub, 1 Mud Pie Clay Mask to help look the best, and ace any outing or work meetings.

3.3 Vriksha Veda Pink Rose Petals Powder

Rose is considered to be the Queen of flowers, so don’t think twice. Give her this “Organic Pink Rose Petals Powder” as a gift this festive season. The powder is made using shade-dried “Desi Gulab” petals, carefully selected by farmers from Uttarakhand. When applied, it deeply cleanses your Queen’s skin, resulting in softer, smoother, and glowing skin.

3.4 Zero waste Kapaas Soap Free Rose Face Cleanser by HIMALAYAN ORIGINS

“Kapaas” is a rose-based “soap-free” face cleanser with no added preservatives. It is ideal for sensitive skin, with the best results when used daily. This Organic Skin Care product hydrates and helps retain the natural moisture present in her skin, thus enabling it to be dewy, soft, and glowing.

4. Personalised Necklace & Jewellery

4.1 Nuts over Necklace is ethically handcrafted brass jewellery by AMALGAM BY AISHWARYA

Ever imagined a Peanut Motif Necklace?! Don’t, as this piece of Organic Women’s Jewellery is crafted with a Peanut motif made using Brass and then dipped in Gold. It goes well with Formal Jumpsuits and Blazers, giving her an effortlessly stylish and innovative formal look.

4.2 Women's gold sterling silver handcrafted Vanilla Tide necklace by KAOAPH

A harmonious balance of Baroque Pearls, coupled with a dash of Mango charm, dangling gracefully from a 22 22-karat gold chain makes this Sustainable Jewellery a must-buy for her. It goes well with Resort Wear and also for Dinner Parties. Buy this beauty for her and usher into the parties gracefully.

4.3 Handcrafted Long Silver Earrings - Anafiotika by Thela

These Sustainable Women’s Long Silver Earrings are crafted out of Plastic Waste and Sterling Silver and handcrafted by skilful artisans. It is Minimal, Bold, Elegant, and Chic at the same time, thus making it a perfect Sustainable Jewellery to buy online for Her this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

4.4 Cress and Chain Brown Upcycled Leather Neck Piece by Noupelle

Made using Upcycled Leather, this Sustainable Crescent Neckpiece has half-moon-shaped leather elements that are arranged asymmetrically and pieced together with foil and tan pieces. They are arranged along a statement gold chain, making it a head-turner. Gift this Sustainable Necklace to Her and make her happy.

5. Sunglasses

5.1 Wooden look sleek ethically crafted Alorna Sunglasses by SASHA WEAR PRIVATE LIMITED

The Sasha Alorna Sustainable Sunglasses are trendy and urban in looks. They are handcrafted using ethically sourced American walnut wood, coupled with 100% TAC Polarised and UV Protection lens in Vintage Brown colour and Zero VOC Paints. You have to buy this Ethically made Sunglass for She with a “timeless classic” look to vouch for.

5.2 Chic Style Andro Handcrafted Sunglasses by SASHA WEAR PRIVATE LIMITED

Crafted using Ethically sourced American Walnut Wood, with 100% TAC Polarised and UV Protection lenses in distinctive sea green, cream wash, and red gradient finish, these Sustainable Women’s Sunglasses are worth every rupee. One more worthy gift to add to the shopping cart when you are planning to buy Sustainable Gifts for Her online this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

6. Blazers and Coats

6.1 Jade Green Women's Suit Set by STUDIO AMALA

This Sustainable Blazer and Trousers set is crafted using Vegan Suede and comes in Jade Green Colour. It is the best gift that you can buy for her this festive season to up the conscious style quotient of her wardrobe.

6.2 Congo Brown By The Mellow Blazer by The Conscious Closet

Let your significant One show off her elegant side by adorning this comfy yet classic-looking Jacket. It is styled with wide-notched peak lapels, fake pocket flaps, and straight sleeves embellished with anchored cuffs, giving it a relaxed look suitable for casual outings and parties.

6.3 Light Blue Organic Cotton Tailored Jacket by LABEL MONK

The Jacket comes in a self-textured summer blue handwoven organic fabric. It has a back cut and front pockets to give out a formal and casual look. It is fully lined and complete with full sleeves.

6.4 Handcrafted Lafaani Double Breasted Jacket by LAFAANI

Using 100% Organic Cotton fibres and Natural materials, this charcoal-coloured Blazer is naturally dyed Myrobalan and Iron. It is equipped with 2 flap pockets and a 2 button closure in the front. This must-buy Sustainable Jacket as a gift for Her also comes with Reversible Sleeve Belts, with one side sporting Kantha-styled embroidery.

6.5 Punah Half Stripe Boyfriend Blazer - Denim by PUNAH

This artsy Blazer is handcrafted by patching panels of production remnants. Intricate Kantha embroidery inspired by Zentangle designs on the collar, pocket lip, and denim button makes it classy, super fashionable and looks WOW. The Sustainable Women’s Jacket is lined using cotton poplin and each piece is crafted adopting the Zero Waste technique.

6.6 Handcrafted Hand woven Mulberry Silk Kinkhap Motif Blazer in Purple by Joskai Studio

Handcrafted through hand weaving, embroidery, and using other artisanal techniques, this Handwoven Jacket is made using Mulberry Silk and decorated with Kinkhap Motifs. With front pockets, large lapel details, and a floral border at the hem, this uber-chic Sustainable Women’s Jacket has the looks to kill for and is a worthy product to buy for Her.

6.7 Handcrafted Eri Silk Blazer with striped lapel details by Joskai Studio

Beautifully handcrafted using Eri Silk, it is tailor-made to fit perfectly. It has striped lapel details and pocket details in the front giving it a suave formal and trendy look.

7. Pants & Trousers

7.1 Sepia Stories Manaus Mangalgiri Cotton Trouser

A relaxed Sustainable Trouser with its side waist elasticated makes it the perfect causal to lounge wear silhouette. Handcrafted using Mangalgiri Cotton, it is designed in multi-colour checkered patterns, exuding a young and vibrant look to it.

7.2 Reistor Print Party Hemp Pants

A perfect Organic Pant made out of Hemp fibers it is a must-buy for her as it comes with playful prints and is made explicitly for the party-goer side in her.

7.3 Sepia Stories Amapa Cotton Trouser in Blue

This beautiful Sustainable Trouser Silhouette looks classy and is crafted using Organic Cotton. It comes with a handwoven striped pattern and pairs well with neutral or patterned tops.

8. Handbags and Clutches

8.1 Lukka Chuppi Mauve & Slate Round Clutch - Changeable Sleeve

The Lukka Chuppi Box Clutch is a perfect amalgamation of elegance and sustainability. This Upcycled Women's Clutch is handcrafted and goes well with any attire.

8.2 Ecoright Large Zipper Tote Bag – Symphony

Made using 100% Organic Cotton Canvas, this Women's Beige Tote Bag comes with a typography print on the front, zipper pockets inside, and two stylish and comfy carry handles.

8.3 Fuchsia Haathi Clutch by RITI

Handcrafted using a bright wooden Fuchsia Pink canvas and decked up with handpainted lines and dots, this Sustainable Women’s Clutch is trendy and looks uber cool.

Gift Her Right

It goes unsaid that Women are a powerful force to reckon with. They care for us, love us unconditionally, and stand by us in thick and thin situations. Now is the apt time to gift her something meaningful and valuable. Buy Sustainable Gifts for Her online in India and give her the much-needed pampering and appreciation.

UpCycleLuxe houses known and upcoming Organic Brands that deal with Organic products. You are just a search away from finding the Best Sustainable Gift for Her on our e-commerce platform that brings together various Organic Products on one Organic Digital Platform. Act now, and purchase the Sustainable Gifts for Her before they fly off the shelves. Happy Shopping.




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