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The onset of a new year gives you room to maneuver your personal style. Updating fashion know-how and upgrading your looks requires thought and expert advice. So below, we Upcycleluxe offer the Top 10 Summer/Spring Fashion Trends to start shopping now. You can consider and experiment, and if they resonate, then it is time to incorporate them into your spring clothing wardrobe collection 2024.

Currently, the trending styles mostly favor the relaxed look that's less fussy, but also sequins and sheer dresses. Stay in the loop with the current styles and stay consistent with the cultural style environs. Above all, authenticity and being conscious of what you wear are the keys to looking better, being noticeable, and feeling better.

So let's look into what's hot and trending in the Top 10 Summer/Spring 2024 Fashion Trends:

Shorts Get Hotter

Shorts are an indispensable part of a wardrobe or in a spring/summer collection line of fashion labels. During the spring/summer 2024 fashion weeks, models wearing hot pants and cheeky shorts walked down the ramp. With the temperatures rising during the season, men's shorts like BLABEL - Bonzai Shorts, and women's shorts like THEROVERJOURNAL - Handcrafted Rainbow Fluorite Shorts fit the bill. Shorts made from organic fabrics are the best to beat the heat in style.

Preppy Polo T-shirts

Polo T-shirts look their best in any season and are going great this spring fashion season 2024. Polo T-shirts like Bamboology Organic Bamboo Fabric Women's Polo Shirt can be paired with jeans and organic women's designer pants like Reistor - The Goes with Everything Poplin Pant in Blue. If you want an edgy look, pair them with women's skirts like Sepia Stories - Vista Mangalgiri Cotton Skirt to sport a varsity look.

Pristine Sequin Dresses for Women

Sequin Dresses for Women will keep your senses buzzing in 2024. Get ready to adorn sustainable sequin dresses for women like STUDIO AMALA - Midas Touch Women Sequin Dress and Taraasi Women's Purple Gray Cotton Silk Sequin Work Pant, and make others hear your dress sizzle and the sequin embellishments rustle. Although not so loud, sequin dresses will give a friendly ASMR feeling, creating a buzz in spring fashion 2024.

Frills and Laces

Frills and laces boldly display ultra-feminine designs that trend every season and never cease to slow down. Girly aesthetics like bows, frills, laces, and soft pastel pink are gaining popularity among adults. Whoever states that you can't stay young forever will be proven wrong when you adorn frilled and lacy sustainable dresses for women like Neora by Nehal Chopra - Upcycled Yellow-Ice Blue Frill Dress, and Ahmev - Zari Ladder Lace Detailed Pant.

Corporate Core Dressing

Now that work culture has returned to normal with in-office work days, it's time to slay your office look with fashion that embraces office aesthetics in corporate power dressing. It's time to explore the spring fashion ensemble and dress consciously by adorning designer corporate wear for women and men like BLABEL- Cedar Tailored Pants, Vanaras Organic Cotton Margaret Trouser, Earthy Route Lyocell Linen Full Sleeve Shirt in Fresh Green.

All White Ensemble

Light colours are always in vogue, especially in the summer/spring collection. Fashion brands include a multitude of light colours. Still, white is the predominant colour as it is minimalist and looks crisp. All white ensembles can be mixed and matched with different white-coloured clothing like pants, dhotis, skirts, pajamas, and many others. Some notable white-coloured clothings are the Prathaa Handloom Cotton Shvet Lungi Skirt in White and the Tamaksh Men's White Organic Cotton Handcrafted Shirt. Indian women love sarees, and the best option is Forsarees - Women's Applique Work White Chanderi Saree.

Sky Blue Coloured Clothing

With blue skies ahead this spring/summer season, many fashion labels are imbibing the "sky blue" hues in their spring/summer fashion 2024 collection. The colour easily mixes into your outfits like men's blue shirts (Earthy Route Lyocell Linen Half Shirt in Ice Blue), women's dresses (The Loom Art Ocean Sky Handwoven Chanderi Silk Dress), women's co-ord sets (Windie - The Uptown Funk Co-ord Set), to name a few.

Dress the "Air-Con" Way

Openwork knitting techniques are the best, as seen in the spring/summer 2024 fashion week. The knitting and texture of the fabric allow air to flow freely and give ample space for the skin to breathe. With clothing being your second skin and the earth's rising temperatures, the fashion industry's best solution is wearable air-con garments like Label Muslin White Knit Crochet Hoodie for men and Label Muslin The Serene Co-Ord Set for women.

Floral Print Dresses & Shirts

Floral prints are an essential fashion pattern, especially during spring/summer. The floral patterns on women's dresses (Ora Organics Yellow/Orange/Black Floral Print on Off White Base Fabric Diana Co-ord Set), women's tunic sets (Kapraaha Green Floral Cotton Tunic Set), men's shirts (Patrah Block Botanical Floral Handblock Printed Shirt) come in light and pleasant colours and beautiful hand-block floral printing that are appealing and comfortable.


Skirts with crystals, palettes, and fringes can be heard before they are seen. Again, the ASMR effect comes into play when you choose skirts from CHAMBRAYANDCO - Ethically made Mustard Yellow Front Zip linen Skirt, The Conscious Closet - Lotus Stem Skirt, Neora by Nehal Chopra - Bemberg Modal Silk Black-Grey Skirt Rouching Set, to name a few. 
You can pair them with a thong sandal for a sassy and unfussy look.

There are many fashion trends to follow this spring/summer of 2024, and the major fashion trends listed above are the significant trends in spring/summer 2024. This curated list of spring/summer fashion trends by Upcycleluxe, India's first carbon-neutral online sustainable marketplace, is tried and tested in major fashion events across the globe in 2024.

Visit us at and shop for organic clothing, organic beauty and skincare products, and sustainable accessories that are sustainable products, chic and spring/summer 2024-ready.

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