6 ways to play Sustainable Holi 2024

Indians love Holi, the festival of colors, and yes, it’s here. Holi has been celebrated for ages with a mix of colors, songs, dances, and lip-smacking delicacies. But, in all the revelry, one forgets safety during the Holi festival. Year-on-year environmental activists have been stressing ways of playing a Sustainable Holi that benefits both you and Mother Earth.

Holi in India is celebrated with heightened excitement and fervor in different ways. Holi festival rings the start of spring and also the won of good over evil with Holika Dahan. The two most common constituents that complete Holi are “water” and “colors.” However, due to a lack of consideration, people waste enormous amounts of water and harm their skin by using chemical-laden colors.

Let’s celebrate a Sustainable Holi 2024 and the ones to come to bring back the veritable relevance of the festival. Below, you can find some ways you can follow and celebrate an Eco- Friendly Holi:

1. Opt for Organic Holi Colours

If you are busy refilling your colors for this Holi festival, STOP. The colors you get in the market are full of chemicals and impurities. It can not only harm your skin but also cause harm to your eyes. Instead, you can opt for natural and organic colors like Scrapshala Holi Milan Gulaal Box | Four Packs of Natural Gulaal | Safe for Kids | Handmade in Banaras. Organic Holi Colors are made using flowers and vegetable stains. They are safe and can be easily removed.
Since no chemicals are used during manufacturing, this helps render the Organic Holi Colors free from allergies and skin reactions.

2. Opt, Celebrate, and Play Dry Holi

During Holi, water is wasted in massive amounts. When mixed with chemical-laden colors, it destabilizes the ecological water tables. To strike a perfect balance between their longing for traditional celebrations and their supreme responsibility towards Mother Earth, one should avoid wasting water and playing Dry Holi by avoiding water balloons, pichkaris, toxic colors, and plastic bags.

Use Organic Colors like Scrapshala Holi Milan Gift Box | Four Packs of Natural Gulaal | Thandai Mix | Safe for Kids | Handmade in Banaras, amongst others that come in hues of organic gulaal variants like Palaki Green, Haldi Yellow, Indigo Blue, and Chakundari Pink. The the best part of this product is that it comes with One bottle of Kesar Thandai mix (100g) handcrafted in Banaras by the famous Mishrambhu.

3. Dress sustainably this Holi 2024

Adding one more layer of skin protection always helps. What better than wearing Organic Men’s Kurtas like Sepia Stories Amorad Linen Kurta in White, Organic Women’s Kurta set like Kapraaha White Cotton Set, and Organic Kid’s Kurta Pajama like Khela Kids - Ethically Made Grey Floral Kurta Pajama Set, Rust silk bandi to ace the holi bash 2024. Organic ethnic wear will protect your skin and improve your suave looks.

4. Wear Sustainable Sunglasses to protect your eyes.

With colors being sprayed around and thrown in the air, it is best advised to wear sunglasses, and the best option is sporting sustainable sunglasses like SASHA WEAR PRIVATE LIMITED - Geometrical and classy pair of Unisex MANAUS sunglasses. They are best suited and can be cleaned easily using the sustainable cleaning fabric provided with the sunglasses. Best suited to ante up your look when attending a dry Holi bash.

5. Practice a sustainable Holika Dahan.

With rampant deforestation on the rise, choosing a sustainable option for Holika Dahan is wise. Instead of using wood, you can substitute it with waste boxes, cow dung, and coconut waste in a reduced quantity and get the ball rolling for the Holi celebration in an eco-friendly way.

6. Reduce Wastage

When hosting a Holi party, you should ensure that the waste is disposed of in a systematic manner. Be it food or flower waste, you can get in touch with waste recycling companies who will collect the waste and turn the accumulated into waste or treat it.

Holi is undoubtedly a festival that creates a mass frenzy and is full of excitement and parties. But, some people celebrate it in a hazardous way that damages the environment and the people around them.

It is the right time to celebrate a Sustainable Holi 2024 and start vanquishing the polluting factors by celebrating an eco-friendly Holi. All the above-listed products and many others are available on Upcycleluxe, India’s 1st Carbon-Neutral sustainable online marketplace. We at Upcycleuxe wish everyone a safe and colorful Holi. Shop responsibly and
play responsibly.

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