The Futuristic Sustainable Bag - Coperni Air Swipe Bag made of 99% Air



Coperni Air Swipe Bag

We all have seen robot dogs, dresses made of white lace adorned with 3D printed flowers, and a notable mention being the Coperni spray-on dress on Bella Hadid which took the global fashion industry and Paris Fashion Week by storm.

 Now, the same guys, Sébastien Meyer, and Arnaud Valllant, behind the spray-on dress from Coperni, teamed up with Ioannis Michalous, a professor, and have created an Air Swipe Bag that is made of 99% air and 1% plastic. Hard to believe, right? Watch this image below:

Air Swipe Bag

Photo Credit: @Coperni VIA INSTAGRAM // INSTAGRAM

 This sustainable accessory, "Air Swipe Bag" by Coperni, is created with a nanomaterial used to collect stardust by NASA. Forget about having the world on your palm; now you can even carry bags made using space material comfortably between your fingers.

 Coperni featured this "Aerogel Air Swipe Bag" bag made of 99% air in their ready-to-wear autumn/winter collection 2024-25 at Paris Fashion Week. This latest sustainable bag is a masterpiece; you must see it to believe one can carry air and store things like Mobile Phones and other small things!

 Does the product name sound similar to a phone's product feature?

 Yes, the name "Air Swipe" of this Coperni bag made of 99% air is taken from the iPhone unlock feature that is called the same name.

 What is this Coperni Air Swipe Bag made of?

 This Aerogel Bag by Coperni is made using a nanomaterial developed by NASA aptly named "Silica Aerogel." It is considered the lightest solid on Earth and constitutes 99% air and 1% glass. This material, "Silica Aerogel," has previously been used by this space organisation to capture stardust.

 Aerogel is spongelike, often called "solid smoke" or "blue smoke ." It is a firm silicon-based solid, and 99% of its volume is open space, thus making it a whopping 1000 times less dense than glass.

 What are the durability aspects of this Coperni Air Swipe Bag?

 This sustainable bag weighs a mere 33 grams. Don't underestimate this bag for its weight and length, as since this Coperni Air Bag is made using "Silica Aerogel," it can withstand a temperature of up to 1200 Celsius (2192 Fahrenheit) and can handle 4000 times the pressure of its own weight. Surprised, right? So are we.

How does the Coperni Air Swipe Bag work?

 Often called "blue smoke" or "solid smoke," Aerogel is a silicon-based solid with a spongelike, porous structure. More than 99 percent of the volume is open space, making it a thousand times less dense than glass.

 This material resembles a cloud, and the Coperni Air Swipe Bag looks ethereal and is the fashion industry's first-ever accessory to be crafted using nanomaterial. Walking in the clouds is passé as you can carry a cloud resembling sustainable bag, which is what this French designer tried to convey when unveiling the new air swipe bag from their interplanetary collection.

 The Coperni Air Swipe Bag was literally meant to be a showstopper as this near-transparent clutch made the Paris Fashion Week 2024 attendees awestruck.

 What can you carry in the Coperni Air Swipe Bag?

 Small women's bags have been designed in the past, but the Coperni Air Swipe Bag, made of 99 percent air, is a class apart. One can easily carry a mobile phone, wrapped candies, and also a tiny boombox on the exterior to make a conscious style statement.

Coperni keeps revolutionizing the fashion industry, first with the spray-on dress on a semi-nude Bella Hadid, and now this Air Swipe Bag made of 99% air that is the future of accessorizing. This signals that the fashion industry is approaching and working towards a sustainable future for fashion.

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