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Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and show appreciation for your significant other. On this day, exchanging gifts is a customary tradition. Now is the time to gift your partner meaningful and Sustainable Gifts to make this Valentine's Day 2024 a special day in an eco-friendly way.

If you're looking for sustainable and meaningful gift ideas for him and her, Upcycleluxe has you covered. With a wide range of eco-friendly and stylish products, here are 50 top Valentine's Eco-Friendly Gift ideas that you can easily purchase from to make this Valentine's Day memorable.

Valentine's Gift For Her:

1. Vegan leather handbag made from upcycled materials

  • Green Hermitage Aphrodite Vegan Leather Handbag (Almond)
Sustainable Women's Handbag

This Vegan Leather Handbag for Women sports intricate minimal embroidery and looks stunning.

2. Aromatic soy wax candles with sustainable packaging

  • HIMALAYAN ORIGINS - Twilight Tunes Soy Wax Scented Candle
Natural Scented Candles

Your partner will be enthralled with the fusion of scents wafting out of this Eco-friendly candle, and it is also the best substitute to lighten up your WE" time.

3. Organic cotton scarf in beautiful and unique patterns

  • KAIZEN Handcrafted "Minakara Pink on Yellow" handloom Eri Silk & Cotton stole
Organic Cotton Scarf

Your partner will ace the Indo-Western look when you gift her this Sustainable Eri Silk Stole this Valentine's Day 2024.

4. Sustainable jewellery crafted from recycled metals

  • Kritha Brass Linear upcycled chain earrings
Sustainable Jewelry

Designed by taking inspiration from antique heirloom gold chain studs, this piece of Sustainable Linear Chain Earrings is a head-turner.

5. Eco-friendly skincare gift set with natural ingredients

  • Anour Signature Hamper
Organic Beauty Products

Containing 1 product each of Choco caramel lip scrub, Cocktail drop, Yummy Berry lip balm, Green tea body scrub, and Avocado Body butter, it is the best Eco-friendly Skincare Gift Set for your Wife, Fiance, or Girlfriend.

6. Upcycled tote bag for everyday use

  • Use Me Works Upcycled Denim Tote
Sustainable Tote Bag

Hand-appliqued and sewn together using upcycled denim and small pieces of cotton fabrics, this Upcycled Tote Bag for Women is the appropriate Sustainable Valentine's Gift.

7. Stylish sunglasses made from recycled wood

  • SASHA WEAR PRIVATE LIMITED - Vintage looking summer perfect Bellary Sunglasses Unisex
Eco-Friendly Women's Sunglasses

With a hue of coloured lenses, these ethically made Sunglasses sporting a wooden frame are a must-gift for your loved one.

8. Organic cotton loungewear for comfort and sustainability

  • Vanaras Organic Cotton Avni Shift Dress
Sustainable Women's Dress

Featuring a Universally wearable shape and beautiful patterns, this dress is an "add-to-the-cart" Sustainable Dress for Her as a gift this Valentine's Day, 2024

9. Sustainable Yoga Pants for her wellness routine

  • Bamboology Natural Bamboo Fabric Yoga Pant
Bamboo Fabric Yoga Pants for Women

Gift her these comfortable, soft, and airy Sustainable Yoga Pants made with Bamboo fabric for her wellness routine.

10. Sustainable yoga mat for her wellness routine

  • Dvaar Plain Premium Cork Mat
Cork Yoga Mat

If your significant other is a fitness enthusiast, then gift her this Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat that is ideal for doing Pilates, Gym & Outdoor exercises.

11. Handcrafted artisanal soaps with natural fragrances

  • Anour Saffron & Shea Vegan Face Soap
Organic Soap

Handmade using plant-derived ingredients, this Vegan Soap will enrich her skin and make it feel silky after washing.

12. Eco-friendly Cotton and Vegan Leather phone bag made from plant-based materials

  • Whitefire Cotton & Vegan Leather Phone Bag in Geometric
Handcrafted Phone Cover

Gift this Unique Sustainable Cotton & Vegan Leather Phone Bag with quirky geometric designs and a magnetic button flap to hold her phone securely.

13. Sustainable and chic Sharara

  • Prathaa Mishti Sharara Set
Organic Cotton Sharara

This Beautiful Pink Kaftan and a Green Sharara is the perfect Sustainable Co-Ord set. It is the numero uno Valentine’s Day gift for Her that is designed to ace any occasion.

14. Organic cotton bed linens for a restful night's sleep

  • WHITEFIRE Embroidered cushion cover - Bloom
Sustainable Cushion

Beautifully designed to elevate the interior décor space, this floral embroidered Sustainable cushion cover will add elegance to the space it is adorned with. Don’t wait, just gift it.

15. Upcycled Denim jacket for a trendy and sustainable look

  • Punah Denim Patch It Up Jacket
Sustainable Women's Jacket

If she loves Jackets, then this Sustainable Women’s Denim Jacket that is made using denim scraps is the one. With a unique contrast colour combination, this will make your loved woman look the best.

16. Handwoven basket made from sustainable materials

  • Scrapshala Upcycled Handcrafted Multi Purpose Rozana Macrame Basket
Handmade Basket

This elegant, Sustainable Basket makes your storage look minimalistic and stylish at the same time. Gift her this sustainable daily-use item as a gift to elevate the look of the space where it is placed.

17. Plant-based skincare products in sustainable packaging

  • Vriksha Veda Blue Purple Blue Pea Powder
Organic Skincare Product

A perfect face application powder to help the skin glow, it makes for an ideal Sustainable skin-care gift to your loved woman.

18. Eco-friendly and stylish backpack for her daily adventures

  • Jaggery Serially Circular Benji Roll Top Backpack in Ex-British Cargo Belts
Sustainable Women's Backpack

A spacious backpack that is made using recycled materials is the perfect Sustainable gift for her, especially for regular commutes and weekend outings.

19. Recycled Silk Dress for a touch of luxury and sustainability

  • Sepia Stories Imprimir Silk Dress in Beige


Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Women's Dress

This dress is a piece of art made using Recycled silk, which will add sheen to her wardrobe.

20. Sustainable and cruelty-free makeup set for her beauty routine

  • Anour Pocket Friendly Hamper
Skincare Gift Hamper

This Sustainable Women’s Beauty Products Gift Hamper includes 1 Mud Pie Clay mask, 1 Cocktail drop, and 1 Yummy Berry lip scrub. Gift this to her, and make her happy.

21. Recycled ceramic bowls for eco-conscious entertaining

  • NITARA - Niva Glass
Sustainable Mugs

These Recycled Ceramic glasses sport a signature shape and are made especially for her when she loves to have guests at home.

22. Organic Bamboo Fabric Socks in fun and colourful designs

  • Bamboology Organic Bamboo Fabric Socks
Bamboo Fabric Socks

Made using bamboo fabric these finely knitted, anti-bacterial Sustainable Socks made using Bamboo Fabric will keep her feet safe.

23. Sustainable and chic planner made from recycled materials

  • Scrapshala Handloom Textile Upcycled Resuable Cover Charcha Journal
Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Gift this Sustainable Journal to Her, where they can jot down and treasure favourite memories.

24. Eco-friendly and biodegradable phone accessories

  • Scrapshala Multipurpose Music Makes Everything Better Bamboobeat Sound Amplifier
Eco-Friendly Phone Stand

A Natural Sound Amplifier makes it a perfect gift for your music-loving significant other.

25. Upcycled and handmade statement earrings for a unique touch

  • Kritha Projectile upcycled Earrings in Brass and Copper
Eco-Friendly Jewellry

These Sustainable Earrings are designed for a bold form and expression and will accentuate your significant other’s look.

Valentine's Gift For Him:

1. Upcycled Mens Wallet with a sleek and sustainable design

  • Jaggery Serially Circular Wallet in Ex-Cargo Belts
Men's Non Leather Wallet

This Upcycled Men’s Wallet comes with a distinct and highly recognisable style. With its quirky design and recycled material, this Sustainable Men’s Wallet is a must-buy for Him this Valentine’s Day 2024.

2. Eco-friendly Men's Grooming Kit with natural and organic products

  • Man Theory Skin Glow Combo For Men
Organic Men's Facewash

This Sustainable Men’s Grooming Kit contains a Face & Beard Wash, Face Scrub, and Peel Off combo pack, all made using natural ingredients, making it the best buy for your Husband, Fiance, or Boyfriend for this Valentine’s Day 2024.

3. Upcycled messenger bag for his daily essentials

  • Jaggery Outback and Beyond Doer's Messenger Bag in Rescued Army Olive Green Canvas & Salvaged Nubuck
Sustainable Men's Travel Backpack

Handcrafted using a combination of recycled materials, this sturdy, Sustainable Men’s Messenger Bag is the best in the market. Get your loved Man this gift before they fly off the shelves.

4. Ethically made Sustainable Mens Comb

  • Vriksha Veda Brown Double Sided Comb with Handle
Sustainable Combs

Made using reclaimed wood from the Indian Neem Tree, this Eco-friendly Wooden Men’s Comb has immense medicinal properties.

5. Organic cotton graphic tees for a sustainable wardrobe

  • SOMETHING SUSTAINABLE Mother Earth T-shirt
Organic Cotton Men's T-shirt

This Organic Cotton T-shirt boasts a Boxy fit tee with wide neck rib and also features the brand's exclusive "Be Kind to Mother Earth print"

6. Reusable and insulated coffee tumbler for his daily brew

  • NITARA Loop Mug
Sustainable Coffee Mug

Made using recycled ceramic, this Sustainable Coffee Mug comes with a fun loop handle to elevate your man's coffee-sipping experience.

7. Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve made from Upcycled materials

  • Whitefire Vegan Leather Arlo Laptop Sleeve in 15" in Cool Grey
Sustainable Laptop Sleeve

This Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve will protect your man’s laptop from dust and scratches, and look extremely stylish at the same time.

8. Sustainable and chic sunglasses crafted from recycled materials

  • SASHA WEAR PRIVATE LIMITED Hand-crafted Bromma Sunglass
Sustainable Men's Sunglasses

An ideal frame made from reclaimed wood will help your man portray a calm and confident appeal when sporting these Sustainable Handmade Sunglasses.

9. Eco-friendly and durable travel duffel bag for his adventures

  • Mix Mitti The Face Canvas Duffle Bag
Sustainable Duffel Bag

This sturdy and Sustainable Travel Duffel Bag for Men sports a high-quality print of a photograph clicked in the jungles of Masai Mara, Kenya. You would love to watch him stride along with this macho-looking duffel bag.

10. Upcycled denim jeans in modern and sustainable designs

  • Doodlage Neil Pants
Sustainable Men's Pants

This straight-cut pants sports contrasting denim patches and pockets, and is styled to make a statement.

11. Organic cotton socks in classic and trendy patterns

  • Bamboology Anti-Bacterial Bamboo Fabric Ankle Length Socks Pack Of 2
Bamboo Socks

These ultra-soft pair of socks made from Bamboo Fabric will keep your Man’s feet free from moisture and bacterial growth the whole day.

12. Sustainable and natural health supplements with eco-conscious packaging

  • Zaocare Multivitamin Effervescent Tablets For Men & Women With 15+ Vital Vitamins and Minerals | Plant Based Supplement | For Overall Health & Wellness
Organic Health Supplements

A Multivitamin Drink is always a convenient and delicious refreshment for your Man who is health-conscious and a gym enthusiast. Gift this and contribute to his enhanced immune functions, as well as complement the much-needed daily dose of vitamins.

13. Coconut Leather Card Holder for a sustainable and stylish touch

  • Zenkind Natural 100% Plant-Based and Biodegradable Coconut Leather Red Card Holder
Vegan Leather Wallet

It is made using 100% plant-based and biodegradable Coconut Leather, having many slots for cards and cash alike.

14. Handcrafted wooden phone holder basket made from reclaimed wood

  • WHITE LIGHT ELEMENTS Ethically made Cell phone Basket
Sustainable Phone Basket

Manufactured using Naturally seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood, this ethically made Cell Phone Basket can store 6 phones at a time—a perfect gift for your Man for office/home use.

15. Upcycled leather bag for a sustainable and timeless accessory

  • X Feet Above Ethically Made Rigel Canvas Belt Bag
Non Leather Office Bag

This Upcycled Leather Bag adds a sleek touch to all of your man’s outfits. It can also be converted into a small-sized waist bag when he wants to travel hands-free.

16. Sustainable and stylish weekender bag for his travels

  • Jaggery Serially Circular Travel Kit in Ex-Cargo Belts & Rescued Car Seat Belts
Sustainable & Recycled Waist Bag

If your man loves adventure or trekking, then this Sustainable Waist Bag will be a perfect Valentine's Day gift to help keep all of his things in order when on a trip.

17. Eco-friendly and durable sustainable Cushion crafted from plant-based

  • Dvaar Yellow ZAFU - DHYAANA SERIES - Medium
Sustainable Sitting Cushions

An Organic Sitting cushion will be his apt resting cushion when meditating or working long hours.

18. Organic Cotton Shorts for both chic look and sustainability

  • Sepia Stories Rego Ikat Cotton Shorts in Beige
Eco-Friendly Men's Shorts

Shorts are comfortable and much-needed clothing for a fun-filled casual outing with friends or family. These Relaxed-fit shorts made using Organic Cotton are kind on the skin. So hurry and buy this for your Man, and jet to the perfect outing.

19. Organic cotton Pant set for a comfortable and sustainable sleep

  • BLABEL Cedar Tailored Pants
Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Tailored Men's Pants

These sharp-fitting tailored trousers look crisp and come with a detailed side panel and bone pockets. It is perfectly cut for him to wear at work, parties, or lounging and make a conscious style statement.

20. Sustainable and versatile vegan backpack for his daily needs

  • Thela Vegan Unisex Backpack - Virai
Eco-Friendly Men's Backpack

This minimal, vegan and zero-waste urban backpack for men is designed for your Man’s everyday use and is highly durable.

21. Vegan Leather and sustainable Shoes for his active lifestyle

  • Ethik Vegan Leather The Walker Loafers
Vegan Leather Shoes

This product is Well-built, Cushioned & Comfortable. These Vegan Leather Men’s Shoes are built to help your man stride effortlessly the whole day.

22. Upcycled and handmade Denim Organiser in unique and eco-friendly fabrics

  • Use Me Works Denim Organiser
Save The Craft

It is a wall-hanging organiser up-cycled from old pairs of denim jeans. It is the perfect gift to buy for him this Valentine’s Day 2024, which will help him store or organise his stationary and other knick-knacks used in day-to-day life.

23. Sustainable and chic double-breasted jacket made from Organic Cotton

  • Handcrafted Lafaani Double Breasted Jacket
Sustainable Men's Jacket

Crafted using 100% Organic Cotton fibres and Natural Materials, this charcoal-coloured cotton blazer will ante up his looks for an official or casual meeting.

24. Upcycled Shirt with a modern and sustainable design

  • Doodlage Dario Shirt
Organic Cotton Men's Shirt

Made using patches from upcycled fabrics, this stylish and sustainable men’s shirt is also a perfect gift for him and his wardrobe.

25. Eco-Friendly and Stylish Sustainable Kurtas

  • Sepia Stories Camiz Cotton Kurta in White Brown
Organic Cotton Men's Kurta

This Sustainable Kurta is handcrafted with a pleating detail at the front. Crafted using soft organic cotton, it pairs perfectly with a dhoti.

The List Never Ends…

The above-listed products are just a few examples of sustainable and Eco-friendly Gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day 2024. Upcycleluxe follows a strict commitment to hosting eco-friendly and stylish products on our e-commerce platform. Upcycleluxe offers a vast range of sustainable products in all categories to celebrate love and make a positive impact on our precious planet at the same time. Explore our complete Valentine's Gift collection on Upcycleluxe and make this Valentine’s Day 2024 a special one by purchasing Sustainable Gifts for Him and Her.


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