What is Green Gifting, and why do Green Gifts Matter?

A new year brings new goals, new achievements to accomplish, resolutions, and buying/gifting your near and dear ones on special occasions or festivals. Today’s era is modernised to the hilt, and the advancements in technology/infrastructure are incalculable. Along with modern advancements, one should also think about what it costs to nature and the environment.

Humans tend to develop habits from a tender age, and it is an ever-evolving process. Well, speaking nature-wise, if we adopt sustainable living right now, it will still take a whopping 40 years for the ozone layer to recover. But, we can surely bring intrinsic changes in our own lives and others by following Sustainable Living and Green Gifting.

Gifting is essential as it strengthens the relationship. Why not develop the habit of “Green Gifting”? Green Gifts is a broad term and it doesn’t mean gifting only plants. Let us take a tour and get inspired by knowing what Green Gifting is and its benefits both for us and the environment.

1. What is Green Gifting?

Green Gifting is an “Eco-Friendly” practice wherein you give gifts that are Organic and Sustainable. It is gaining momentum as elders and youngsters are becoming environmentally conscious and buying eco-friendly products. Same way, when you give green gifts, e.g., Ecokari - Handcrafted Handmade Paper Diary, you will not only make the recipient happy but also play a part in minimalising the impact on the environment.

2. Why Green Gifts?

Many people are unaware of the broader term “Green Gifts” and the benefits of it. Here we provide you with a quick refresher as to why you need to start green gifting.

  •  Low Impact on the Environment
Green Gifts are made from natural products that are grown without using any harmful chemicals like pesticides/fertilisers. They are also manufactured using recycled/upcycled materials, e.g., Dvaar Digvijaya -The Banana Fiber Mat. Less waste or Zero waste policy is the norm when manufacturing a sustainable product.
  • Bit Expensive
Green Gifts are a bit expensive when compared to Fast Product Gifts. But, the savings it brings along is of more importance. Sustainable Gifts are highly durable, last really long, and that outweighs the price tag, e.g., The Conscious Closet Lotus Stem Blouse.
  • No Plastic or Non-Degradable materials are used

Non-eco-friendly products contain harmful and non-degradable substances like plastics and chemicals. On the other hand, Eco-Friendly products use minimal to zero toxic chemicals and plastics, neither in the manufacturing process nor in packaging. So it is wiser to give “Green Sustainable Gifts” to eliminate the risk of inviting health and environmental problems, and one such example of a “Sustainable Gift” is Ecokari Bamboo Foodgrains Storage Bag.

3. Benefits of Green Gifting

  • Environmental Sustainability
By choosing “Green Gifts”, also termed “Eco-Friendly Gifts”, one can help reduce the carbon footprints and do their bit in protecting our precious environment. Sustainable Products help minimise waste and conserve resources.
  • Personal Health
Eco-friendly product manufacturing involves Organic, Natural products and Non-Toxic chemicals that are healthier for the user and also the environment.
  • Promotes Ethical Practices

Grass root level, small, local, and medium sustainable certified companies manufacture many Sustainable Gifts. Once you purchase a Green/Eco-Friendly product, one indirectly helps encourage ethical practices and contributes to the sustainable/circular economy.

4. A quick checklist when selecting and purchasing “Green Gifts.”

  • Choose Green Gifts that come with Eco-Friendly packaging, which means less trash to discard.
  • Select ethically made products using natural raw materials and also recycled or upcycled Green Gifts that don’t harm the planet.
  • Buy from companies that are “Environmentally Conscious” and have the required certifications to avoid green-washing.
Buy Green Gifts now.
Now that we have a clear picture of what and how “Green Gifts” help the environment, the onus in on you to start this year by being “Environmentally Conscious” and by buying “Sustainable

Gifts”. This short and easy “Green Gifting” guide’s sole aim is to throw light on “Conscientious Consumerism”, and spread the goodness of eco-friendly products.
Upcycleluxe is a carbon-neutral digital marketplace that provides you with many options like Organic Health & Nutrition Supplements, Sustainable Clothing, Sustainable Home Décor, and Sustainable Handcrafted Products, to name a few. Use your time, select, and purchase eco-friendly products and become an environmentally and socially conscious citizen.

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