What is Sustainability? What are the Major Benefits of Sustainability in Daily Life?

With the alarming rise of pollution and burgeoning landfills everywhere, earthlings should look for Planet B. But is there a Planet B? NO, atleast for now. We have only one planet that we are inhabiting right now, but with our wayward ways there is a lot of damage already caused. Now you might ask how do we curb the major problems harming our beautiful planet Earth.

The answer is by adopting “sustainability”. For example, we start or end our day by brushing using a non-conventional toothbrush that is made of plastic. You can switch to a sustainable toothbrush like the “Almitra Sustainables Bamboo Toothbrush – Charcoal (Pack of 2)” that is made using bamboo and infusion of charcoal. Pair it with a organic toothpaste, and you have adopted one of the means to lead a sustainable lifestyle!

Switching to sustainable lifestyle using sustainable daily use products is very simple, once you know of the right choices and buying decisions to make. Before that let us understand about “sustainability” and what are the major benefits of sustainability in daily life.

  1. What is Sustainability?

Sustainability in simpler terms is to protect/prevent depletion of much needed natural resources. What we use abundantly today might not be available for the future generations. So, using organic products, upcycled or recycled products, is the need of the hour. By adopting a sustainable lifestyle you can help lessen carbon footprints and also conserve the dwindling natural resources.

Sustainability can be broken down in 3 categories i.e., economic, environment, and social. One best example of sustainable is by shunning plastics and adopting biodegradable packaging or compostable bags that don’t add up to the landfills.

  1. How to Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Sustainable Lifestyles reflects on ways of living, choices, social behaviours, with respect to the main goal to minimise environmental degradation. In a broader sense to attain sustainability you can reduce products made using natural resources and switch to sustainable products, for ex: purchasing organic clothing over conventional clothing.

By switching to sustainable lifestyles by using sustainable daily use products like organic clothing (The House of Hemp - Fuchsia Coord), upcyled home/office décor (Scrapshala - Upcycled Multipurpose Vintage Look Chalo Pen Stand), sustainable accessories (Nivani - Dual Panel Bag), organic  personal care products (SOCHGREEN - Organic Period Panty) etc., you help in minimising the CO2 emissions, pollution, waste, thus endorsing socio-economic development and a better quality for your generation and the ones to come.

  1. What Are the Major Benefits of Sustainability in Daily Life?

Sustainable living is all about taking actions which reduce your environmental impact. By making sustainable choices, purchasing, and using them in your daily life, you are making the world a better place to live in.

There are many benefits of using sustainable products in your daily life, and the major benefits of sustainable living are listed below:

  • Money Saver

By practicing sustainable living you can cut down on major costs incurred on electricity, water consumption, and many more. When you opt for sustainable products they are durable, robust, and last long. There are less chances of you having to dispose it at the earliest, thus saving money in the long run.

For example: Just imagine how many plastic water bottles you can avoid each month when you switch to a sustainable water bottle like DVAAR - THE WOODEN COPPER BOTTLE BLACKBERRY WOOD.

  • Improves Health

One of the major health disruptor is the pollution. Apart from that, the conventional products you use in your day to day life like clothing, skincare products, etc., can also harm your health. When you switch to sustainable products and organic food products you replenish and also protect your body by not allowing the toxic chemicals to seep into your body.

Using organic skincare products (body soaps) like The Herb Boutique - Pamper Box, you can be rest assured of giving your skin the best chemical-free replenishment.

  • Environmental Preservation

It is evident that the adverse climate changes and depletion of valuable natural resources is because of the conventional products that we use. The manufacturing and process of growing some crops add an alarming amount of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air and water.

When we employ sustainable practices by adding sustainable products in our daily life( like organic cotton clothing (Vanaras - Organic Cotton Andrea Top), you do a world of good not only for yourself, but also the environment. Sustainable products are known to use already existing materials, consume less water or power, and emit minimal greenhouse gases during their manufacturing process. This aids in preserving and restoring the lost natural resources.

  • Personal Satisfaction

This benefit is above all, as your ethos and choices are aligned with the values and conscious choices towards greenifying our beautiful planet Earth. By adding little to all of sustainable daily use products into your routine will provide you with the much needed comfort, better health, and value for money.


By living sustainably you connect with the nature and also get to experience the goodness and beauty of the sustainable products. It not only enhances your well-being, but also nourishes your body and gives you a pleasant feeling. The major factor of you becoming a eco-warrior to protect our mother nature by switching to sustainability is immeasurable.

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