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AC by Aratrika Chauhan

AC by Aratrika Chauhan was born with the roots of sustainability and giving back to society. These ideas and philioposhies have been the driving force behind the label and its origin. The inception of the brand was done keeping in mind that clothing creates a symbiotic relationship of the person who wears the dress and the interconnected society of the weaver, designer and curator.

The label also chose to move away from the mainstream manufacturing and concentrated on carefully curated and customised garments which are hand woven by artisans located all across Gujrat. The Idea has been to always promote Indian handicraft like dyeing ,block printing and origami . along with comfort through it’s silhouette and organic cotton. 

Our Priority has always been to provide chic and upbeat designs, that never go out of style yet promote sustainable clothing. Our garments are made with utmost attention to provide our customers designs that are safe to the skin yet tradition between cultures and time of day.