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Showing 1 - 36 of 86 products
Dawning Reversible BlouseDawning Reversible Blouse
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Dawning Belt ShirtDawning Belt Shirt
Lafaani Dawning Belt Shirt
Sale price₹9,799
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Dawning Draped ShirtDawning Draped Shirt
Lafaani Dawning Draped Shirt
Sale price₹10,499
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Dawning High Slit TunicDawning High Slit Tunic
Lafaani Dawning High Slit Tunic
Sale price₹8,499
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Dawning Raglan Sleeve BlouseDawning Raglan Sleeve Blouse
Dawning Asymmetric ShirtDawning Asymmetric Shirt
Lafaani Dawning Asymmetric Shirt
Sale price₹8,499
Dawning Pleated Crop ShirtDawning Pleated Crop Shirt
Dawning Peplum BlouseDawning Peplum Blouse
Lafaani Dawning Peplum Blouse
Sale price₹8,499
Dawning Denim DressDawning Denim Dress
Lafaani Dawning Denim Dress
Sale price₹13,499
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Dawning Trench DressDawning Trench Dress
Lafaani Dawning Trench Dress
Sale price₹13,999
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Dawning A Line DressDawning A Line Dress
Lafaani Dawning A Line Dress
Sale price₹10,999
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Lafaani has its roots in Urdu and literally translates to ‘Immortality’. Immortality truly conveys the essence of the brand- to curate merchandise that lives for many moons and isn’t ephemeral. By means of creating and using our handcrafted products, we are immortalizing the labor and toil of all the artisans who breathed life into them.

Lafaani believes in celebrating craft heritage in all its splendor and aspires to create collections inspired by the amalgamation of traditional techniques and ever-changing aesthetics. We reckon that sustainability is not a lifestyle choice and hence, incorporate sustainability in our production, consumption, and even post-consumption processes in an earnest sense. Not just limited to the processes, we also try to incorporate the tenets of the slow clothing philosophy in the very design of our clothes so as to maximize functionality and prolong its use.