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Prathaa is a conscious fashion brand, operating with a socio-economic and environmental relevance. This sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand based out of Mumbai was born out of the love for heritage handloom and handcrafted products and with the optimism of reviving a few forgotten art forms while creating sustainable livelihood for the weaver and artisan family. We, at Prathaa, celebrate India's heritage weaves and crafts and also firmly believe in nurturing and preserving them in a way that subtly connects our age-old traditions to modernization.

Team Prathaa works in building a constant relationship and bridging the gap between our artisans, who are the backbone of Indian textiles, and our consumers through our modern edgy garments on the canvas of Indian weaves, up-cycled accessories, and innovative new categories of every day. We also take pride in educating our consumers about sustainability through our waste management programs, versatile styling options, updating them on the people and processes behind every Prathaa garment, and several other ways, creating awareness towards conscious and mindful purchases.

Each Prathaa design goes through an elaborate birthing process and has a distinct story to tell. Adhering to our commitment to using mostly natural and breathable fabrics, we use the same to bring forth comfortable, versatile, and unique styles. We believe in taking one step at a time in building a community that participates in protecting our environment from the continuous generation of carbon footprints and humongous usage of non-natural fibers.

Our goal is to gradually grow the number of weavers and artisans we induct into the Prathaa system along with increasing the size of our prathaawoman consumer community with their investment towards a sustainable lifestyle. All of this via practicing fair wages, a safe workplace, remain transparent and conscious in the journey.