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The Mango Tree

The Mango Tree derives its inspiration from simplicity and wholesomeness of the rural Indian ways of life. In local cultures ; people, their belongings, their sentiments and environment were all intricately woven in the same thread.

It combines our love for sustainable design and the desire towards enabling women in rural India to become self-reliant. Since the very beginning of our initiative we have used only natural fibres like cotton and upcycled silk to weave our dhurries.

Reviving the craft value chain for the contemporary and modern audience is our key focus area. The Mango Tree’s core philosophy is to reimagine the crafts; its aesthetic and usability to create a valuable product for the end consumer. The impact of the process on the artisan and the environment are our two main areas of focus while designing a product.

For us a successful design is one that adds value to the lives of both
consumer and creator while being environmentally friendly.