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Showing 1 - 32 of 32 products
Vriksha Veda Transparent Coconut OilVriksha Veda Transparent Coconut Oil
Vriksha Veda Brown Neem Wood Comb with Handle
Vriksha Veda Black Kalonji Oil
Vriksha Veda Pink Strawberry Lip Butter
Vriksha Veda Brown Double Sided Comb with Handle
Vriksha Veda Transparent Aloe Vera GelVriksha Veda Transparent Aloe Vera Gel
Vriksha Veda Beige Multani MittiVriksha Veda Beige Multani Mitti
Vriksha Veda Brown Wide Tooth Comb
Vriksha Veda Brown Regular Neem Wood Comb
Vriksha Veda Greenish Brown Sesame OilVriksha Veda Greenish Brown Sesame Oil
Vriksha Veda Green Moringa Powder
Vriksha Veda Brown Regular Wide Tooth Comb
Vriksha Veda Brown Wooden CutleryVriksha Veda Brown Wooden Cutlery
Vriksha Veda Dark Brown Brahmi Oil
Vriksha Veda Brown Herbs Blend Hair OilVriksha Veda Brown Herbs Blend Hair Oil
Vriksha Veda Golden Green Jojoba OilVriksha Veda Golden Green Jojoba Oil
Vriksha Veda Dark Green Neem Oil
Vriksha Veda Transparent Rose HydrosolVriksha Veda Transparent Rose Hydrosol
Vriksha Veda Cream white Kaolin ClayVriksha Veda Cream white Kaolin Clay
Vriksha Veda Green RosemaryVriksha Veda Green Rosemary
Vriksha Veda Beige Vetiver Powder
Vriksha Veda Yellow Amla Powder
Vriksha Veda Green Neem PowderVriksha Veda Green Neem Powder
Vriksha Veda Beige Fenugreek PowderVriksha Veda Beige Fenugreek Powder
Vriksha Veda Green Brahmi Powder
Vriksha Veda Green Bhringraj PowderVriksha Veda Green Bhringraj Powder
Vriksha Veda Yellow Kasturi ManjalVriksha Veda Yellow Kasturi Manjal
Vriksha Veda Beige Licorice PowderVriksha Veda Beige Licorice Powder
Vriksha Veda Blue Purple Blue Pea PowderVriksha Veda Blue Purple Blue Pea Powder
Vriksha Veda Orange Brown Orange Peel PowderVriksha Veda Orange Brown Orange Peel Powder
Vriksha Veda Pink Red Hibiscus PowderVriksha Veda Pink Red Hibiscus Powder
Vriksha Veda Pink Rose Petals PowderVriksha Veda Pink Rose Petals Powder

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Vriksha Veda

Vriksha Veda is not only a brand but a divine journey from our Mother Nature to you. We launched Vriksha Veda in 2020 during Covid 19 pandemic after realizing how the balance with nature is important for all of us. We found that the products we are using on our skin, hair and body are completely packed with chemicals and harmful substances that are not only detrimental for us but also for our mother nature.
The idea behind creating Vriksha Veda is to promote more holistic way of living.
We are a sustainable, zero waste, plant based Indian start up initiative situated in Delhi. Our products included botanical oils, herbs, wellness items as well as sustainability basics based on traditional methods and methodologies.
We are happy to get our herbs, oils and sustainables directly from small scale Indian farmers and grow hand in hand with them, allowing our customers to purchase products at the lower cost than the competitive market.