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We are Earthy. Worthy. Indie.

The Windie Way:

Timeless designs, formed to function. Softest to touch, lightest to wear.
Our clothing will always be made with earth-approved fabrics and are meant to serve one purpose : your comfort. Made in India. Made to love unconditionally.

Fashion that puts fabric first.

We believe in sourcing well-monitored, low-impact and certified sustainable fabrics of the highest quality that have been proven to be better for the wearer AND the maker.
The driving force behind our product line is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified Organic Cotton.

Made to last, rewear, reuse

To bring forth clothing of incomparable comfort and quality to life, is the very essence of Windie. Keeping in mind, mindful consumption we will always try and encourage our customers to shop for what they absolutely need. And will always be there to fulfil the want of building a comfy wardrobe that can be easily sustained and taken care of.

Rooting for cotton farming communities

With an intent to minimise the pressure on local and natural resources, organic cotton farming is making farmers happier, their land healthier. The price of procuring organic cotton is always approximately 20-30% higher than conventional cotton. Thus, making in and demanding organic cotton clothing can make a difference in returns to the farming communities who enable its very existence.

What’s in it for you - a good choice that actually, truly feels great.