Vegan Coconut Leather Classic Men Wallet - Brown

Vegan Coconut Leather Classic Men Wallet - Brown

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A classic traditional men's wallet handcrafted in compostable Coconut Leather with cotton lining equipped with 8 card slots and 2 cash pocket .

Material- coconut leather + cotton

Size-11.5cm X 9cm


Apply a thin layer of polishing wax (either a clear shoe polish or a furniture grade wax) or coconut oil (to continue its completely vegan credentials) to the surface one a month to ensure it remains moisturized and durable. This is especially advisable during hot, dry weather or after cleaning.

If you spill something on your product or if it becomes dirty it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and then left to air-dry (although it won’t survive a trip through the washing machine). We do not advise drying with intense heat or ironing it as this may cause damage. When it has dried, applying beeswax (see above) will help restore it to its original condition.

When you feel your product has reached the end of its lifecycle it can be disposed of in your compost bin (once any metal parts or trimmings have been removed).It will bio-degrade in compost in 90-120 days ( depending on climatic conditions).

*note that the dyes used for dyeing coconut Leather are natural dyes which come from the flower, bark or tuber of plants found locally in India ,due to which the color of product may look slightly different in appearance to the picture.

Ethically Made We focus on eliminating harm to animals and reducing harm to environment by using responsible and sustainable material. SDGs Followed 12 responsible consumption and production 13 climate action Cruelty-Free Coconut Leather is bio-compostable material its primary element is based on organic Bacterial Cellulose as grown on water from mature coconuts and natural fiber from Banana stem, Hemp & Sisal. The fermenting process takes up to two weeks after which it is harvested, refined, air-dried, and enriched with natural plant-based materials to make the leather-like product. Vegan alternative to leather that is eco-friendly to make and dispose of. The pleather is biodegradable and compostable made out of natural plant-based materials to make the leather-like product.

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We plant trees with proceeds from your order that saves 21 Kgs of CO2 per year

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Vegan Coconut Leather Classic Men Wallet - Brown
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