Eco-Friendly Tourism & Must-Visit Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations for 2024

Humans and their ancestors from time immemorial have traveled long distances for survival and to seek new avenues. There is no such place that has not been set foot on by humans. From the ice caps to the harshest deserts, everything has been explored. In the quest for survival, humans to date have ravaged our beautiful planet.

Rapid consumerism and industrialization have led to the deterioration of our planet and have resulted in drastic climatic changes that are causing harm to every living being. Now, a sense of responsibility has dawned on the human race after witnessing the hazards caused by their acts.

The buzzword is “sustainability”, wherein many are actually pondering over ways and means to reduce the usage and wastage of our precious natural resources. With this needed change the world is witnessing an emerging segment that comprises a growing set of responsible tourists. These tourists love exploring the natural beauty and enliven their travel without causing any harm to nature, thus giving rise to eco-tourism

  1. What is eco-friendly tourism?

Eco-friendly tourism involves sustainable destinations that promote sustainability, invigorate responsible travel practices, preserve natural ecosystems like flora and fauna, and ultimately support local communities.

The main aim of sustainable tourism is not to overexploit or harm natural resources, promote wildlife conservation, preservation of natural ecosystems like water bodies and natural wildlife habitats, water bodies, and ultimately support the development and growth of local communities by embracing their culture, and economically supporting their art and craft.

Let’s understand eco-friendly tourism by focusing on the highlights:

  • Protecting and conserving the environment

Eco-friendly tourism or sustainable tourism lays emphasis on the preservation of natural ecosystems. This ecosystem includes water bodies, forests, wildlife habitats, and indigenous tribes. Sustainable destinations help in leaving minimal to no carbon footprint, reduced carbon emission, no pollution, and a conscious effort towards supporting and preserving biodiversity.

  • Embracing local culture and communities

Eco-friendly tourism’s other goal is to help grow local communities by celebrating their customs, art, and culture. Many sustainable destinations provide the local communities with employment and business opportunities without altering their age-old traditions.

  • Use of eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly tourist destinations promote sustainable products and totally shun the usage of “single-use products.” When you check into an hotel you might find bamboo toothbrushes like ALMITRA SUSTAINABLES - Bamboo Bristle Toothbrush, wooden combs like Vriksha Veda - Brown Double Sided Comb with Handle, dental tablets, glass water bottles or jugs, towels like DVAAR THE KARIRA COLLECTION - BAMBOO COTTON BATH TOWELS AND HAND TOWELS, organic soaps like Anour - Coffee & Coconut Vegan Bathing Soap, amongst other sustainable products. The sustainable brands may differ according to countries, but the sole aim is to use sustainable daily use products.

  • Eco-Friendly Hotels

The rise of eco-tourism has witnessed a surge in eco-friendly hotels that not only promise an immersive experience but also safeguard the safety of their natural surroundings maintaining a zero-waste policy. From organic food, and spas, to usage of sustainable products, the visitor will be pampered with nature’s goodness.

  1. Must-Visit Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations for 2024

Now that we have an understanding of what eco-friendly tourism stands for, let’s check out some of the best global sustainable destinations:

  • Norway

Norway is one of the most favored eco-friendly tourism hotspots that lays emphasis on eco-conscious accommodations, wildlife tourism, and natural scenic outings. The modes of transport also reflect its dedication towards sustainability as you will find and experience eco-friendly transportation means like bicycles and EVs (electric vehicles.)

  • Bhutan

Bhutan is a kingdom and a 100% organic country. This small country rivals others in terms of carbon footprint. It has set an ambitious goal of achieving zero emissions and of becoming a zero-waste country by 2030. The beautiful landscapes, rich tradition and culture, and fresh air is what lures eco-travelers to this sustainable destination.

  • Sweden


With a strong commitment towards sustainability, Sweden promotes responsible tourism by housing eco-certified hotels, sustainable transportation, and pristine locales.

  • Singapore

It is called the garden city as it resembles a city in a garden. It seamlessly blends urban living with natural green spaces. It provides the best example of how eco-friendly travel can combine with ultra-modern comfort to provide an exhilarating experience.

  • Costa Rica

Adhering to strict environmental regulations, Costa Rica has emerged as a premier eco-tourist hotspot. This premier eco-tourist destination actively promotes green tourism by putting government policies regarding the environment first.

  • Palau

It is a small island in the Pacific that has cemented its place as a preferred sustainable destination with eco-travelers. Visitors have to take an environmental protection pledge on their arrival. This small island has put in action strong measures to protect marine life and it boasts of world’s first shark sanctuary.

  • Kerala

It is an Indian state and is aptly called “God’s Own Country” due to its lush greenery, calming backwaters, and practice of Ayurveda. This sustainable destination offers eco-travelers with rich culture, amazing hospitality, and immense biodiversity.

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