Top Eco-friendly Products To Buy in 2024

Climate change has become more obvious due to our consumption patterns of conventional products, wastage, littering, and others. According to a study almost 89% of consumers globally have made the right switch by altering their buying behaviour and adopting sustainable products in their daily consumption or usage.

The brands who answer the call of nature are more in demand and that has lead to 30% of consumers having witnessed a 30% significant change. Many people are being thoughtful of what they are consuming and that is of utmost importance.

Gen Z is the biggest set of population of this green consumer trend and purchases a considerable chunk of sustainable products. There are plenty of products like recycled/upcycled clothing, organic skincare and beauty care products, vegan shoes, organic perfumes, and others. Ahead, discover the best eco-friendly products that are the best buy in 2024:

Top Eco-Friendly Products to buy in 2024

  • Sustainable Office Accessories

Home/office accessories are in vogue due to their trendy and robust features. Generally they are made using natural/reclaimed/scrap materials like cork, wood, wool, old cassette tapes. They are handcrafted and add a unique look to your office. Some notable picks for sustainable office tech accessories are Scrapshala - Upcycled Multipurpose Techno Table Organizer, Ecokari - Plantable Seed Pencils, WHITE LIGHT ELEMENTS - Ethically made Cell phone Basket, to name a few.

  • Organic and Ethical Clothing


Now, we are all aware of the drastic impact the fashion industry has had on our environment. From environmental destruction, unethical production, unfair wages, the industry has done it all. But now, there have arisen saviours in the form of sustainable fashion brands who adopt the earth-and-people first policy.

Organic and ethical clothing are usually made from organically grown crops like cotton, jute, hemp, bamboo, vegan silk, to name a few popular ones. Some notable picks to mention are Nude & Not - Organic Cotton Gardener T-shirt, Corenature - Men's Cerulean Hemp T-shirt, STUDIO AMALA - Handcrafted, Ethically Made Annette Gown, CHAMBRAYANDCO - Ethically made vegan organza silk jacket with crushed silk inner, The House of Hemp - Orchid Dress.

  • Organic Activewear

When you are a gym or exercise freak and love to sweat it out, then your body needs the best suited form of clothing for your exercise routine. There are sustainable activewear brands that manufacture organic activewears and even sneakers made from organic fabrics or using recycled/upcycled materials. Some top activewear picks are Roar For Good - Grey Slip on Shoes for Men, RFG - High Ankle Bamboo Socks, Corenature - Men's Obsidian Hemp T-shirt, Corenature - Women's Activeflow Hemp Top, Bamboology - Natural Bamboo Fabric Yoga Pant, Bamboology - Natural Bamboo Fabric Sports Bra Bold.

  • Sustainable Yoga Mats and Zafus

Yoga is a collective set of spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines or practices to enhance health, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Sustainable yoga mats are the best accompaniment for an Yoga afficianado as it comes with wholesome goodness of nature and is manufactured using organic fabrics or recycled/upcycled materials. The best picks amongst sustainable yoga mats are Almitra Sustainables - Samudra – Handmade Ethnic Yoga Bag, DVAAR - TAPASYA MAT-THE DARBHA GRASS MAT, DVAAR - YOGA ROPE, DVAAR - DIGVIJAYA-THE BANANA FIBER MAT, and DVAAR - BLACK ZAFU - DHYAANA SERIES.

  • Sustainable Garden Supplies and Planters

Gardening is a healthy hobby wherein you can maintain a kitchen garden, terrace garden, and grow your most favoured plants, veggies, and flowers. A green setting always soothes the soul, so why not start or enhance your garden area by purchasing planters like BAMBOOLOGY - Upcycled Handmade Planter In Cotton Macrame, Hohmgrain - 4" Cube Planter with Grow Bag, Scrapshala - Upcycled Multipurpose Mini Jar Hanging Planter, and rugs like The Mango Tree - Handwoven Organic Cotton Hummingbird Dhurrie.

  • Wellness Teas


Tea and Coffee are the most loved beverages globally. It wont do any harm when you get added health advantages to your brew that wellness tea powder or organic coffee powder gives. The best picks are The Herb Boutique - Chamomile Garden Tea, The Herb Boutique - Kashmiri Kahwa Chai, The Herb Boutique - Lemon Mint Green Tea.

  • Organic Beauty Care and Organic Skincare

With the growing awareness of what one uses on their body and what goes in with its application, has made consumers adopt organic beauty and skincare products. Since these organic products are made using no toxic chemicals the user can be rest assured that they are providing only the goodness of nature to their skin and body.

Some worthy organic beauty and skincare products are Anour - Signature Hamper, Vriksha Veda - Henna Powder, Vriksha Veda - Rosemary Hair Oil, The Herb Boutique - Pamper Box, HIMALAYAN ORIGINS - Hair Strengthening oil 100 % Organic Hibiscus Hair Oil For Men & Women, Almitra Sustainables - Coconut Coir Pedicure Brush -(Self Care), and Scrapshala - Round Handle Ultra-Soft Zig-Zag Bristles Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Set.


Whether you’re looking for sustainable products for home office design, ethical loungewear, organic skin care, sustainable sneakers, vegan shoes,  or corporate gifting solutions, we Upcycleluxe got you covered. Shop with us now for all of the above given top picks and many others and contribute to the green revolution one product at a time.

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